Rumours of the iPad 5′s release date have been spectacularly wrong. At the start of the year, the rumours were that it was going to be out in March for definite. This then changed to June, with case leaks published by Tactus, showing that the iPad 5 will be announced on the 18th of June and will go on sale just nine days later on the 27th June. Again, this was clearly completely wrong.

So, when can we expect to see the iPad 5? Well, the short answer is autumn. In an investor call from Apple, an Autumn launch for the iPad 5 came out as a distinct possibility. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, said: “Our teams are hard at work on some amazing new hardware, software, and services that we can’t wait to introduce this fall and throughout 2014.”

This sentiment was backed up, but Apple’s CFO, Peter Oppenheimer, in a more recent earnings call, where he said that Apple would have a “very busy fall”. He then went on to say that he would explain in more detail in October.

As for what “more detail in October” means, that’s open to interpretation. Given that Oppenheimer if CFO, we expect that means that in October’s earnings call he’ll explain more detail about recently-launched Apple products.

Obviously, there’s no information about which products we’re likely to see in autumn, but they’re bound to include the iPhone 5S, low-cost iPhone Lite, iPad Mini 2 and, of course, the iPad 5.

With all rumours pointing to a September launch date for the iPhone 5S, we’d say that would mean that the iPad 5 will be released towards the end of September or the start of October.


One of the best things about the iPad 4 is its amazing screen. Apple was the first company to put a really high resolution screen in a tablet, but with the competition following suit, or even offering more resolution as with the Google Nexus 10, it’ll be interesting to see where Apple goes from here.

All of the existing rumours suggest that the iPad 5 will have the same 9.7in screen size as its predecessor. We’d also suggest that it will have the same screen resolution of 2,048×1,536. According to Apple this is a Retina display, which means you can’t see the pixels from a normal viewing distance; in other words, improving the resolution without touching screen size is pointless.

Instead of going for more resolution, then, Apple seems more likely to focus on screen thickness and quality. It would appear that it will now use a GF2 touchscreen on the iPad 5. This is the same screen technology as used in the iPad Mini, and is 20 per cent thinner than the existing screen. With the new iPad likely to be as thin as 7.2mm, as reported by 9to5Mac, the new screen technology would make sense.


It would appear that the iPad 5 isn’t just borrowing the iPad Mini’s screen technology, it’s also going to borrow its design. This means that the iPad 5 is going to have narrower bezels and be a lot thinner. The latest leak comes from Tactus, with a picture that allegedly shows the rear shell of the iPad 5.

It’s hard to tell anything from the low-resolution photo, but what you can see is that the rear shell shows a tablet that’s thinner than the iPad.

iPad 5 rear casing
This is allegedly the rear shell from the iPad 5

What’s more convincing is that there have been leaks of cases showing the same kind of thing. First, BGR reported images found on Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce site, which showed that the new iPad 5 would be styled on the iPad Mini.

iPad 5 case leak
The Alibaba case leak seems to show that the iPad 5 will look like the iPad Mini

Next, MacRumours displayed some pictures from MiniSuit, showing how the new iPad 5 case stacked up against the iPad Mini and iPad 4 cases.

iPad 5 cases
The MiniSuit case leak, shows how the iPad 5, iPad Mini and iPad 4 all line up

Yet another case leak, over at EnGadget, backs up the initial claim that the iPad 5 will follow the same design cues as the iPad Mini. At the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, EnGadget managed to get some pics of another case. According to staff on the booth, the case is based on a leaked mould.

Compared to cases made for the current iPad, the new case again shows a thinner and smaller tablet is in the works. It also shows that the new tablet is likely to have the same size screen as the iPad 4. Overall, it’s hard to argue that the new case doesn’t point towards the iPad 5 looking like a large iPad Mini.

Tactus has found a similar case design from the Far East. From the picture below, you can see the iPad 4 case on the right (blue) and the iPad 5 case on the left (green). The iPad 5 case is allegedly made from a leaked mould, and shows that the new tablet is going to be thinner and slimmer than the previous model.

There’s not too much in it, but from the slimmer size the most obvious observation is that the iPad 5 will have a 9.7in screen, like the iPad 4, but a thinner bezel. In other words, as everyone’s been saying, the iPad 5 is going to look like a large iPad Mini.

iPad 5 case
The iPad 5 is definitely going to be slimmer and narrower than the iPad 4

Cases are often a good indicator of what a product will look like. Case manufacturers often get hold of early spec information so that they can start to make products before a product is officially launched. It can be a gamble, but getting it right and being first to market can bay dividends. Typically, case manufacturers don’t start producing samples until we’re near launch, in order to get their product as accurate as possible, hinting that the iPad 5 is very close to production.

Rumours that the iPad 5 will look like the iPad Mini continue, with a photo appearing that is allegedly the front of the new tablet. As you can see from the image below, the front has a thinner bezel than the existing iPad. However, we wouldn’t necessarily believe this picture, as it could be faked or simply a Chinese clone.

Apple iPad 5
This photo leak appears to show that the iPad 5 will look like the iPad Mini


The iPad usually seems to be a about a generation behind the iPhone in terms of camera quality. So, the iPad 4 has the 5-megapixel sensor of the iPhone 4S, while the iPhone 5 has an 8-megapixel sensor. With the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 rumoured to be moving to a 12-megapixel sensor, it most likely means an upgrade to the iPad 5. So, we’re likely to see an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera on the iPad 5, which should improve the quality of the tablet’s shots.


It would seem that a 128GB model is now absolutely certain, as Apple released a 128GB iPad 4, doubling the maximum amount of storage available on its tablets.

This update was said to be about increasing the variety of uses for the tablet, with Apple stating that more storage was good for large files for use in applications such as CAD and music production. It’s also a more useful amount of storage for photos and videos.

The update to the iPad 4 was a completely new model with a new price, so we’d expect the same range of capacities and prices to be available from the iPad 5: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. With Apple now using 128GB storage in its tablets, the question is whether or not it will provide the same range of capacities in its iPhone and iPad Mini range, too.


If there’s one thing that we can be more certain of, it’s price. Apple typically prices its new products at the same price as the outgoing models. If that’s true, the iPad 5 should start at £399 for the 16GB model, £479 for 32GB, £559 for 64GB and, if the £80 price increase per model holds out, £639 for 128GB. Of course, it could be that the 16GB model is dropped, and the 32GB model starts at £399, with 128GB for £559. Mobile 4G versions should cost £100 more.

As we reported above about the new storage capacities, Apple introduced a 128GB iPad 4 for £639 (Wi-Fi only) and £739 (Wi-Fi + Cellular), which is just what we predicted it would cost. By that token, we’d guess that the iPad 5 will go on sale for the same prices as the existing iPad.

Poland Medical Tourism Market 2013

Poland has emerged as one of the favored destinations for medical tourism among international travelers. The low-cost treatment facilities coupled with well established tourism and health infrastructure has led to favorable growth of medical tourism market in Poland. In recent years large number of patients from UK, Germany and other destinations have visited Poland for dental and other medical treatments.

According to our analysis medical tourism market in Poland will witness phenomenal growth in near future mainly due to huge cost savings and long waiting time for treatment in western countries. The increasing level of investment in private healthcare facilities and focus on promotional activities by associations and government will further strengthen the position of Poland as favored destination for medical tourism. It is further anticipated that Poland will give stiff competition to already established destinations for medical tourism like India, Singapore and Thailand.

Poland Medical Tourism Market 2013” discusses the following issues related to medical tourism in Poland:

• Medical Tourism Industry Revenue
• Per capita Expenditure by Medical Tourists
• Medical Tourist Arrival
• Treatment Cost Comparison between Poland & nine countries like U.S, India, Costa Rica, Singapore etc.
• Key Medical Tourism Destinations in Poland
• Health care infrastructure including Medical Personnel, Public & Private Hospital, Health Resorts

Poland Medical Tourism Market 2013” gives detailed and unprejudiced overview on the medical tourism market in Poland.

Reports has critically evaluated all the aspects related to medical tourism market and helps reader to get complete overview on latest trends and medical tourism market potential in Poland. This study is helpful for medical tourism travel service operators, investors, healthcare facilities provider and other associated partners of medical tourism industry.

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Apple Ipad: Amazon Kindle Models Are Being Broken Up?

While Apple iPad released some time has passed, but the industry enthusiasm and concern for the iPad does not seem to lighten as time goes on. In fact, the introduction of a product, in order to change an industry. For example, people often see what the recent changes in the publishing industry or the traditional media, is required considerable time, Moreover, the middle is full of many variables, so I have no intention to pay attention to these rather meaningless question mean comments. Before and after release from the iPad, I believe that it is the most realistic effect is to a have already forgotten the product form?? Tablet PC with the possible resurgence of the other one is also the industry’s hottest market for e-books, in particular, is still e-book reader hardware itself, the impact of market-based industry.

 E-book that can be said that Amazon’s Kindle should be representative of this area. So it’s every move from the largely reflects the current and future trend of e-book market. Before analysis of the Amazon Kindle e-book I have (including hardware and software) was able to be successful, mainly engaged in traditional book before its online sales have accumulated a large number of publishing and library resources, just as the development of Internet applications, e-book form for further opened up a way of making money, of course, the corresponding e-book reader Kindle also emerged, and two complementary factors, combined with Amazon through a reading before the software, let Kindle pattern formation a relatively closed electronic industrial chain. This relatively closed most typical manifestation is the user purchased in the Amazon Kindle e-book can only be read, and can not pass each other to see. In addition, because the Amazon kindle e-book market in the preconceptions and the advantages of traditional book sales, let the publisher the right to bargain with the absolute. However, all this with the launch of Apple iPad is changing.

 In the iPad was released, Amazon changed its cooperation with publishers until quite tough, for example, from the Amazon site had some problems because of divided differences and pricing the books removed and recovered the price of some publishers of electronic books to be adjustment. If they reflect the early release for iPad shows glimpses of the Amazon has been a threat to Apple, then enter the market as the iPad, and publishers continue to receive support, Amazon has begun to realize that the immediate threat may be to its practical effect.

 Later, Amazon launched the Kindle application specific iPad to counter Apple’s online bookstore iBooks. Recently, Amazon has successively opened and updated their Kindle platform.

 First declared as “PC version of Kindle” introduced more new features. PC version of the Amazon Kindle is developed for personal computer users a free application, users can edit bookmarks and tags, experience full-screen mode, change the background color or adjust the brightness. Through the PC version of Kindle, Kindle readers online bookstore in the 540,000 kinds of books free to choose, read, including the most popular books, such as the New York Times best-seller list and book list books standings, only 9.99 U.S. dollars each. PC version of Amazon’s Kindle also supports Whispersync technology, users can save bookmarks, notes, etc., and can be installed with other Kindle process equipment, such as Kindle, KindleDX, iPhone, iPod, iPodtouch, iPad, personal computers, Mac computers , Blackberry cell phone synchronization.

 In addition, Amazon also plans to launch this summer version of Kindle e-reading software Android, want more e-book users. The new free software enables users KindleforAndroid online shop to buy from the Amazon Kindle e-books, and mobile phones running Android system, read on.

 In this regard, the competent Jay Amazon Kindle? Marin (JayMarine) said, we have been strengthening our Kindle application experience, and are pleased to add new features PC version, PC version of Kindle Kindle store allows users to purchase more than 540,000 e-books, even if they do not Kindle e-reader, too, but also to millions of users Kindle and KindleDX the perfect companion application.

Through a series of recent initiatives and Amazon executives have said that, people will see the most immediate change in the Amazon what? That is the Amazon Kindle e-book resources are non-exclusive hardware platform, It can read in the PC platform, also supports competing hardware (Apple products and Google’s Android) platform to read, do not forget Kindle platform to some extent are direct or indirect rivals. For example, Apple’s iPad, Google and Sony cooperate SonyReader so.

 Speaking of Google and Sony cooperate SonyReader, it should be the e-book market, Amazon’s biggest rival, from the e-book reader sales of view, the Amazon Kindle is ranked in second place after. Despite the resources, Google is providing nearly 500,000 Sony’s library resources, but why Kindle, however Sony SonyReader dry it? In addition to the diversification of resources as the Amazon, the author thinks is more important is the Amazon Kindle before the hard and soft tactics relatively closed one forms a nearly vertical in the e-book market, the industrial development model, compared to, Google and the cooperation of Sony, is still a horizontal mode. First transverse mode does not help control the industrial chain, more importantly, in the horizontal, Google and Sony are not the absolute level of their respective advantages. Now, under the pressure of the Apple iPad, the Amazon initiative that, Kindle’s vertical model is being destroyed one by one. The separation of software and hardware start. This separation means that the Amazon Kindle the soft resources have not only the exclusive hardware platform, which is bound to undermine the sales of Kindle hardware, and hardware platform sales weaken, to some extent diverted from some Kindle users Amazon e-books for purchase.

 Maybe someone here will say, Amazon to open (to support multiple hardware platforms) strategy should help sales of the Amazon e-book is. In theory, but this is not the mode of the so-called Kindle. On the contrary, to be Apple’s iPad With this Kindle model means that only the hardware from the Kindle e-book reader replaced iPad tablet. This is the Apple iPad most like to see the results, will break the opponent’s vertical model, the vertical mode using their new e-book to grab market share. However, Amazon still has a powerful and flexible resources to depend on profitability, but for other e-book makers, Kindle model is broken should make them models for the future development of e-books and have a re-direction of rational thinking .

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Apple iPad Vs Laptop- Only Size Can’t Be A Parameter For Comparison!

There are various types of mobile computers in the market. The market is jam packed with many branded laptops, notebooks and palmtops. Apart, from these devices, there are many mobile brands which have come up with more squeezed version of computers that is tablet PC, smart phones, smart books and PDAs.

Mobility is becoming the prime factor which adds more comfort to the lives of people, therefore people are going for more smaller versions of computers. Keeping this need in mind, big mobile brands like Apple and Samsung have come up with their tablet PCs. In this article, we are focusing on various features of Apple iPad in comparison to laptops. Apple iPad is one of the beautiful and useful gift from Apple Inc. to the people who frequently travel. It is so small in size that it can be kept in ones pocket easily. The looks of Apple iPad are damn good and spontaneously attracts people towards it. There are many things about Apple iPad that are worth mentioning.

Apple iPad provides platform for various audio and visual media like books, movies, music, games, web content and so on. According to its size, Apple iPad stands between smart phones and laptops. Perhaps, this is the key reason it is not embedded many features that make it a full PC. As it is small in size just because of that it cost high. But there are many Apple ipad deals available in the market which make this beautiful device quite affordable for its lovers. These deals can be checked on various networks like Orange, O2, Three and Vodafone for getting deals for mobile broadband.On the contrary, laptops which are bigger in size than iPad are also manufactured for the same reason that is portability.

But, they are richer in features than Apple iPad, as due to smaller size many things like keypad, the hardware components are low powered thus can’t provide an ideal experience to the users for demanding PC applications. Here, laptops weigh more than Apple iPad.

Thus, if you want to get proper functioning of a PC with mobility then laptops are the best. But if you want extreme advanced device at the stake of functionality then Apple iPad is a good option. Well, there are mobile phone deals where you can get a free laptop along with a handset. At last, the choice is yours, go for that which strikes you most.

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2011 Top Tablet Pc Comparison: Ipad 2 Has Two Advantages

According to foreign media reports, the American IT magazine “PCWorld” Recently, the author of the upcoming listing of this year were four major Tablet PC conducted a comprehensive analysis, and pointed out that the price will be the availability of consumption of these products who favored the unknown factors.The following is a summary of the article:

2010 seems to be known as the Tablet PC of the year, but the reality is in 2010 should be called iPad of the year. During the year, iPad’s global sales reached 15 million units, while the market really does not appear to pose a threat to the iPad similar products. However, with the other big computer makers have set foot in the tablet PC market in 2011 will truly become a Tablet PC of the year.

Earlier this month at the International Consumer Electronics Show ( CES ), and every major computer makers have announced or demonstrated its tablet PC products. Despite the size and volume of the operating system of points, but the Tablet PC will undoubtedly go on sale in the near future.

Tablet PC in these products, Motorola Xoom, RIM BlackBerry PlayBook and HP Tablet PC WebOS three most attractive consumer concerns, coupled with the upcoming Apple iPad 2, only this spring that four tablet is enough to trigger consumer again who’s buying binge.

1. Motorola Xoom

2. Blackberry PlayBook

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook 7-inch touch-screen design, while smaller, but the whole machine weighs less than 1 pound (about 454 g). PlayBook used is based on the QNX OS and development of new systems, and not the rumors of the BlackBerry OS operating system. Plate which has a 1GB RAM memory, equipped with high-definition dual cameras, with high-definition video camera function and a dual-core processor design. PlayBook also equally versatile, can play both Apple and Microsoft’s proprietary audio format, content, and support for Adobe Flash and HTML5.

3. HP Tablet WebOS

Recent media disclosure of the product code after another Opal and Topaz are the two HP Tablet PC WebOS. Opal which is 7 inches, and Topaz was 9 inches. According to spy photos show that at least two tablet PCs will be equipped with a front camera and a mini USB jack.
WebOS is a very competitive mobile operating system, and by virtue of its excellent user interface design is likely to become the biggest challenger to Apple iOS. HP will be held February 9 press conference, when the company is likely to announce these two Tablet PC configuration details.

4. Apple iPad 2

Tablet PC compared to the above, iPad 2 has two distinct advantages: First, iPad iPad 2 great success to lay a good foundation. Apple products, has formed a unique culture, many large companies are using iPad iPad or at least to consider the introduction of its office areas. Second, the upgraded version of the existing iPad, so users can experience the iPad the first to use experience, then choose whether to buy iPad 2. And relatively fixed in accordance with Apple accessories each year to promote model projects, iPad 2 will be on sale this spring.

Since the iPad the market, market speculation on the relevant iPad 2 has never stopped. Based on user feedback and increasingly fierce Tablet PC features and functions to determine the dispute, iPad will be used before and after the two cameras may be equipped with dual-core processor, and RAM memory capacity and screen resolution will also be greatly enhanced.

The Tablet PC as soon as possible who want to conduct office business users, their current infrastructure and use of products with the cultural content will largely determine their Tablet PC operating system choice. For example, a BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry smartphones as a designated office staff is very mobile phone companies may choose to BlackBerry PlayBook. The iPhone and iPad already familiar with the business users are more inclined to choose the operating system iOS iPad 2.

Tablet PCs prices of these products will also become consumers of the availability of the unknown factors. Once a price of a tablet PC products twice higher than other similar products, then the characteristics of their products, features, and compatibility with the existing structure itself do not seem very persuasive.

Watch “Top 5 Tablet PC” Video:


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Comparison of Five iPad Video Software

 Its principle is through the video format coding rules for video decoding, again according to the format code conventions to target coding, realize a qualitative change, but video broadcast content there is no different. For example we common mp4 converter, 3 gp converter, FLV converter, format RMVB converter belong to video format conversion software, and the emerging ts format converter, MKV converter MTS, converter, belong to hd video format conversion of software. According to different conversion purposes, divided into several common conversion mode: through the video format conversion to realize the web video on the computer hardware device other than the broadcast.

See the following 5 video converters compare.

iMacsoft DVD to iPad Suite for Mac, This software powerful Mac iPad Video Converter Suite, can rip DVD and convert all popular video files to iPad video MP4 and iPad audio MP3, AAC and M4A for all types of iPad and iPods including iPad, iPod classic, iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPhone.

iMacsoft Mac iPad Video Converter Suite: This software includes two practical products: iPad Video Converter for Mac and DVD to iPad Converter for Mac. You can Free download mac ipad video converter suite and enjoy your DVD video files on iPad, iPods and iPhone!

Video iPad Converter Mac: This software Special designed for iPad users, powerful iPad Video Converter Mac and Mac DVD to iPad Converter, can rip DVD and convert all popular video files to iPad video MP4 and iPad audio MP3, AAC and M4A for all types of iPad and iPods including iPad, iPod classic, iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPhone.

Video iPad Converter Mac:It can interconvert amongst almost all videos including 3GP, 3G2, MOV, MPEG, WMV, MP4, M4V, VOB, ASF, DAT, AVI, etc..

ipad video converter for mac Suite can offer a perfect solution for converting DVD and all popular video files to iPad video MPEG-4, H.264 and audio MP3, AAC and M4A for perfect playback on iPad, even on iPod, iPhone and Apple TV.

iPad DVD Converter Suite:If you have DVD disc that can play on your PC or DVD player, you can convert the DVD movie for playing on your iPad with the latest released DVD Video to iPad Converter.

This suite includes two useful tools: DVD Converter iPad and iPad Movie Covnerter. With this powerful iPad DVD Converter, you can convert any DVD disc that can play on your computer to iPad video such as iPad video formats (MPEG-4, MP4, H.264). And convert all popular video such as vob, DivX, XviD, MOV, rm, rmvb, MPEG, WMV, AVI, dvr-ms, MP4, TiVo, .mkv, etc., to iPad video format.


VICKY is an independent computer engineer, specializing in Mac ,Apple ,Lenovo and LG. working in a wide variety of engineering, marketing and architect roles. she has won best hard working on transfer music from ipod to computer and  ipod video converter .She think originality and the feeling of one’s own dignity are achieved only through work and struggle.

Kindle Fire And iPad 2 – A Comparison Review

It’s amazing; only two or three years ago the market for tablet and tablet computing really wasn’t very big. Indeed, laptops were still the rule, rather than the exception in the fight for market share and then came Apple’s first iPad and the landscape shifted. It was more like the landscape turned upside-down as Amazon came after Apple with its own line of tablets called Kindles and Barnes and Noble brought out the Nook.

Here’s an even more interesting fact that though Apple shifted the market forever with its iPad, it created an opportunity that others are filling – lower cost devices that are nearly as good. For example, Amazon recently brought out its new Kindle Fire and I’ve had a chance to put my hands on one and look it over. Apple’s iPad is still list priced at US $ 499. Some users may like the 7-inch Kindle Fire form factor as it is smaller and easier to handle than the larger iPad and other than having both WiFi and 3G access – no big issue in most of the country – and dual cameras, both devices are pretty much the same.

Also I forgot to mention that you are locked into Apple’s IOS operating system and its proprietary applications – yes there are lots of them. What this means is that Apple will let you play with Apple devices. The Kindle Fire, on the other hand, can share apps with any Android-based device, Windows 7 devices and any Internet-ready device. So, after using both devices, the user might ask himself why should he spend $ 300 more for a proprietary device, when an open device like the Kindle does nearly everything the Apple will do and actually has better pixel density (169 ppi versus 132)? Yes, some users may admit the Kindle Fire is smaller – about two inches — but it also offers the same 16 million colors that the Apple iPad offers.

Like the Apple iPad the Kindle lets you view the image at different angles automatically.

It also offers the same type of dual-core 1 GB processor speed, so speed is not an issue and neither is image technology because both of them offer in-plane switching technology (the images move as you move the device). And, after using the Silk browser that is available on the Kindle Fire, which is an open-style browser, would the user want to go back to a proprietary browser like Apple’s Safari? It is true that Apple has loosened the fetters a bit on its browser so that you can use it under Windows, but you still need to download additional support software to make it work with your Windows device.

The advantages one might see to the Apple iPad: Its larger display; Dual camera; 3G access capability; Larger internal memory 16 GB versus 8GB for the Kindle Fire – not really an issue as there is automatic switching to a cloud drive for storage.

Maybe for some users the Kindle Fire makes more sense. Okay, the user would have to give up two cameras by not having the iPad, but he is also not locking himself into Apple’s closed system. The Kindle Fire also offers background updating and syncing with your library and other choices. Its choices seem to be larger than Apple’s librarying. Another item that some users may find important, email, is a non-starter because the it handles your email needs too. It also handles a wide variety of formats including DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, AZW files and more. Finally, it recognizes security formats such as WEP, WPA and WPA2 that our router offers.

For some users considering the type of intuitive touch-screen interface, lighter weight and smaller size (which are more convenient) and very reasonably sized screen, the Kindle Fire may come out on top in comparison, specially if one also considers the price. It’s just that the supposed advantages may just not be worth the extra $ 300 for the iPad when the Kindle does nearly the same thing, only in a smaller package.

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Apple Ipad 2: Top Five Features Of The Ipad New Generation Model

The Apple iPad new model, or the second generation, as many people call it, gets a lot of publicity for its new features and improved qualities. But does it really stand up to the hype? Thats what I intended to find out for myself. What follows are the Apple iPad 2 features in all their glory.
1.Double the Facetime with 2 cameras: Facetime is a built-in application in the iPad new model. Its like Skype, only its native to Apple. Basically, Facetime allows you to use the forward-facing camera on the iPad to video chat with friends and family anywhere in the world. You can flip to using the rear camera and show off your house, your other friends and family, and anything else you think they might want to see.
2.Shoot HD video with the cameras: If you dont have an HD camera of your own, the iPad new model acts as a great prop for shooting HD video. Plus, youre given the ability to edit your video masterpieces right on the iPad itself. No more transferring your videos to an expensive program on your computer to edit them. Pretty cool!
3.New Backlight Display: Okay, so the iPad 2 isnt your best option for reading at the beach, but unlike the Amazon Kindle, you can read it at night because of the backlight display. Also, its improved quality makes videos very, very crisp, and any applications you run will have picture-perfect graphics.
4.Faster processor: If you thought (or heard) that the old iPad was sluggish before, the new one is much improved. It has a new processor that allows you to run applications, cameras and your internet browser at warp speeds. Applications will boot up much faster, and you wont be waiting so long for the Safari browser to load your web pages.
5.WiFi-only or WiFi plus 3G: If you have a home wireless network and only need to hook into that or a Starbucks caf when youre in the mood for surfing, you can get the WiFi-only version and save yourself a lot of bucks. But if you want the 3G version, you can pick between the AT&T model and the Verizon iPad new model. But you cant have both AT&T and Verizon, so youll have to pick which one you want when you purchase.
Overall, the iPad new version is definitely worth the money you spend on it. Its cameras and Facetime features alone make it more than just a glorified iPod.

There are two more things about the iPad new model that you NEED to know before you purchase it, but since I didnt have room to write them here, I provided everything you need to know right here at http://www.squidoo.com/ipad-new/. But dont waste time checking it out the new iPads wont last long, and pretty soon theyll be back ordered. So get yours now!

Update of Guardian Eyewitness New iPad Available

Recently, a report was in the limelight that Guardian Eyewitness iPad app has been released. We are talking about version 1.0.8 which boasts of various new features. First of all, you find several user interface tweaks and fixes in this device. Besides, the support for the built-in Twitter integration is also available, which was introduced by Apple in iOS 5. So, tweeting becomes much easier through this app. On the other hand, some fixes for Facebook sharing have also been added. Moreover, settings panel has also been redesigned. The facility of faster photo downloading also comes available in the gadget.

The gadget also has an option which allows photos to download over 3G. This feature was added after requests from many users. For enabling the 3G download, you need to open settings from the About screen, tap the cog icon in the top left corner and thereafter set the “Only use Wi-Fi” to “OFF”. The support for the iPad VGA adapter has also been added with original iPad so that slideshows of the Eyewitness photos could be played and displayed on a larger screen. If you are using an iPad 2 and the VGA adapter, or an Apple TV, then you would likely be able to use them for showing them Eyewitness photos of an external display or HDTV.

Another new feature of the app is “favourites” that needs to be considered. Eyewitness is capable to download a rolling 100-day window of photo. At the time when photos are older than 100 days, they cannot be viewed in normal case. But, if you star them as a “favourite” within the app then you find them available. If you iPad storage begins of fill up then your pictures will be deleted automatically and you will not be able to download them again.

It is being hoped that the limit of 100 days will be increased in the future version of Eyewitness, and your favourite photos will not be deleted in any case.

Now, Apple needs applications for saving all the downloadable data in temporary directories which are not backed up to iCloud. This data can be cleaned automatically when the storage of iPad gets close to becoming full. The underlying principle behind this is that one can download the data easily again whenever required. So, the data should not be stored in more permanent location, which would be backed up to iCloud. Check out the best offers with iphone 4s deals@ http://www.appleiphone4sdeals.co.uk/

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New iPad Deals – Best Contract deals Of the UK

New Apple iPad has entered gadget market with thundering online deals such as SIM free, Pay As You Go and lucrative contract deals. Notwithstanding cut down price of PAYG or SIM free, new iPad contract deals are the best bargain over the device.

Buyers who want to enjoy the device as long as it remains in the fashion, that too with free network services, can buy contract over the device with a leading network. There is no scarcity in the UK, you only have to decide whether you want New iPad Deals on Vodafone or new iPad on 3, all are available in the market. Both the networks are offering free internet data, for 12 months to 36 months. Duration of contract and numbers of data are decided by the price of each plan.

There are numerous plans. You had better chosen what drives you. If you want to get free gifts such as car kit, ipad cover, Bluetooth devices, Sony Blue Ray player and so on, new iPad 3 with free gifts are in plenty with online merchants. These free gifts are costly as well as useful in day today life. Thus, if you choose such plans, you can kill two birds with one stone. Besides, the tablet is also incomparable in technology with other tablets of rival brands, notwithstanding their high talks.

The new one is loaded with thousands of features and hundreds of applications. If you need more, you can buy and borrow from online Apple store. Processing of applications on the device is also not a problem as it comes with super power processor and latest iOS operating system.

All in all, it is a matchless creation of Apple, which you can enjoy with extra benefits through New iPad Deals. Then visit some online portal right now and snap up a plan of your choice with the new wonder of Apple Inc

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