The Top Ten Best iPad 2 Cases for 2011

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When you buy a gadget you love (think of the Apple iPad slate tablet) you do a lot of things to protect it, the most important is getting the Best Apple iPad accessory, or at least a good cover. That’s more than necessary in today’s world where almost all gadgets feature big gorgeous screens that are a delight to use but a nightmare to clean and keep scratch free. No matter how careful you are there’s no way to keep it intact if you don’t get a sleeve, carrying case or protective screen, even if some tablets, like the iPad, have a Gorilla glass layer.

While an iPad sleeve is good for transport you still need a bag to throw it in. A protective screen is good for the screen but doesn’t do anything to protect the case of your beloved gadget plus it gets scratched itself and if not applied perfectly it also degrades the image displayed acting like a filter (a bad one in this scenario). A carrying case is the best choice when you really like a gadget that accompanies you everywhere and want to preserve it like in the first day ownership.

The Top Ten Best iPad 2 Cases for 2011

1. The Smart Cover from Apple

Apple Smart Cover for iPad 2

“Clever” and beautiful, the Smart Cover quickly gained its place in the hearts of many Apple fans. Sleek and slim, foldable as stand, extremely easy to attach and to remove, this cover is the perfect companion for the iPad 2. Well, if you don’t believe that the back of the iPad 2 is scratch-resistant, you’d better go for a threesome and buy one of these cases that work with the Smart Cover. As of the Smart Cover itself, we found it at an excellent price on Amazon, where you can also read more about it. You are welcome to read our iPad 2 Smart Cover review as well.

2. Grove iPad 2 Case

The Grove is another “smart” case for iPad 2, meaning that it has the power to put the iPad to sleep when closed. The case body is made from bamboo. The front cover is made from leather and it folds into a triangle-shaped stand.

3. Barely There iPad 2 Case

Well-known to iPhone 4 fans, Barely There is now available

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for iPad 2 as well. It features the same slim profile, adding almost no bulk to the iPad. The impact resistant, hard-to-break flexible shell covers and protects the back and the corners of the iPad. Barely There is a beautiful snap-on case, but it’s not compatible with Apple’s Smart Cover. If this is not a deal breaker for you, you can buy the Barely There from Case-Mate.

4. Twelve South BookBook for iPad and iPad2

The Twelve South BookBook is a hardback leather case which fits both iPad and iPad 2. As opposed to many cases on our list, this one makes a perfect contrast to the modern curves and materials of the iPad. stylish leather iPad 2 case cover is you best choise, Handmade from genuine leather, the Twelve South BookBook looks and smells vintage. It is more a piece of art rather than a simple case.

Despite its simplicity, this case enables you to charge your iPad while inside, thanks to the double zipper closure which you can unzip only a little, just to allow a cable to pass through.

The case folds as stand. Unlike many other folios, the Twelve South BookBook allows you to set the viewing angle as you like, thanks to a simple but highly functional “tassel and button mechanism”. The padded interior is smooth and protective against scratches, the corners of the case are reinforced to resist impact and the hard inner frame protects against accidental crush of the iPad.

You can buy the Twelve South BookBook for iPad and iPad 2 on Amazon.

5. iPad 2 Street Skin

The iPad 2 Street Skin from Hard Candy Cases is a form-fitting case featuring a magnetic integrated screen cover. By the time we wrote our Street Skin review, the case was to be released in black, pink and clear. Now it’s also available in white, as part of the White Collection of iPad 2 accessories recently launched by Hard Candy Cases. Be it you want to go for the White Swan or the Black Swan, you can order your iPad 2 Street Skin from eBags.

6. Miniot Cover

Miniot Cover for iPad 2: real wood cover and stand,Miniot is a very beautiful cover which also rolls into a three-way stand. You can also snap it to the back for handheld use of the iPad, as you can rom the image below:

The Miniot iPad 2 Cover is made from real wood and it is available in five different finishes or in a custom setup of your choice. You can also have custom engraving on the cover, free of charge. The cover has built-in magnets which keep it attached to the glass screen. The Ultrasuede microfiber lining is very smooth, so it won’t scratch the iPad screen. You can see more details or buy this cover on the Miniot website. The Miniot Cover is made in Holland. International shipping is available.

7. Kensington KeyFolio Keyboard Accessory Case

The Kensington KeyFolio Keyboard Accessory Case is durable and good-looking, despite the fact that it’s made from artificial leather. It is better than other keyboard folios because Kensington is a reputable name in the tech world, the materials they use in their keyboards, connectors or switches are of excellent quality. The case doesn’t have magnets, therefore it doesn’t interact with the iPad compass. However, this means that it doesn’t support the iPad 2 Sleep function either. You can read our review of Kensington KeyFolio Keyboard Accessory Case here or buy the case from Amazon.

8. ZAGGmate Keyboard Case for iPad 2

ZAGGmate / Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG for iPad 2

ZAGGmate was, without a doubt, the most popular case for the original iPad last year. And this year ZAGG has done it again with the ZAGGmate Keyboard Case for iPad 2, which has already picked up MacWorld’s coveted “Best of Show” award for 2011. This case is my personal favorite, and my iPad doesn’t leave home without it. It’s also a high quality gadget in its own right, with this year’s model featuring a top-of-the-line Logitech Bluetooth keyboard (I love Logitech, their keyboards and mice are great, their MX Anywhere mouse is the best I’ve ever used).

The look and feel of the ZAGGmate is really as good as it gets in terms of complimenting the iPad, with the case being made out of the same bead-blasted, anodized aluminum as the iPad itself. Here’s a funny little aside which proves the point:

ZAGGmate for iPad 2

When I was visiting my parents a few days ago I flipped my iPad 2 out of its ZAGGmate and went into the living room, leaving the case in the kitchen. Mom called out in a concerned voice: “Dear, you’ve left part of your iPad on the kitchen table”. If that doesn’t say how much the ZAGGmate compliments the iPad’s design, I don’t know what does.

The ZAGGmate exudes the same high quality and elegance that all Apple products have. But the real reason I love the ZAGGmate is that having a keyboard is so damn handy. It’s not that I don’t flip it out of its case all the time to play Angry Birds, or read Flipbook, but I find the ZAGGmate is just essential when I want my iPad to double as a notebook, and it happens a lot!

ZAGG really have thought of everything; this case also puts the iPad to sleep when you place it in the case, just like the Smart Cover does. It doubles as a stand, in both portrait and landscape modes. It’s also very protective (though I use a screen protector on the back, also from ZAGG, so the iPad won’t pick up scratches on the exposed side). And if all that wasn’t enough, this device has elegance to boot.

This is without a doubt the number one iPad 2 case for 2011. If you want more information everything you need to know is on ZAGG’s website.

9. GumDrop Drop Series Military Edition Case

You don’t have to be in the army to keep your iPad protected in military style. The Military Edition of GumDrop Drop Series iPad 2 Cases will keep your iPad protected as if you were on the battlefield. This extra rugged case features several protective layers, as you can see from the image above. It comes with microfilm dust filers and built-in privacy screen. You can order the Military Edition iPad 2 case from Amazon.

10. Speck PixelSkin HD Wrap

The Speck Pixelskin HD Wrap took the Smart Cover from Apple one step further: it’s more than a cover, it’s a full hard-shell case. Unlike the Smart Cover, this case doesn’t use magnets but microsuction to stay closed. This also means that it doesn’t come with the iPad 2 Sleep function. The Speck Pixelskin HD Wrap weighs 9.6 ounces, so it makes the iPad noticeably heavier. However, it is very protective, perfect for traveling. You can buy it from Amazon.

What do you think of these ten best Apple accessories list? Would you add some other case to it? Would you leave anything out

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? Please have your say!

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