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It can be very difficult in these difficult economic times to come up with approximate 0 that you will need to purchase a new iPad 3 whenever they are made available. However, you can get a free iPad 3 in at least four different ways. They can be had for free by taking advantage of referring your friends to complete one of many offers, by becoming a tester, by taking a survey, and/or by winning one in a drawing that Apple sponsors.

The Apple iPad 3 is the latest in a long line of tablet computers that are manufactured by Apple. The rumors abound with what their new capabilities and functions will be. Although they were originally scheduled to be launched in November of this year, apparently they are having problems getting their cameras from their suppliers, Samsung and LG, and the latest release date isn’t until sometime during the middle of 2012. However, if you obtain a free iPad 3, you won’t have to wait. It is believed that Apple endorses these giveaways as a method of marketing their new products. Therefore, you can save your 0 because here is how to get a free iPad 3.

You can begin by signing up at Freebie Jeebies. All you have to do to get a free iPad 3 is to refer your friends to complete one of the many offers and complete one yourself. You can get only between 20 and 30 friends to complete an offer and you can get a new iPad 3 in your favorite color. You can still get a new iPad 3 by the time it is released if you have sufficient referrals even if you can only have a few friends each month to sign up. The sooner you begin, the sooner you can get your free iPad3.

For more information, look at the page labeled how it works. Should you have any additional questions with regards to how it works, they will be glad to answer them so don’t hesitate to contact them. In addition, they are also willing to provide you with advice and help about how to complete the steps to get a free iPhone.

One of the easiest ways to get a free iPad 3 is by becoming an iPad 3 tester. Apple actually uses these testers to provide feedback to their technical people in an effort to head off any problems that the typical consumer might have with a new product. You can contact any Apple representative for additional detail about how the program works. There are numerous useful and interesting free trial offers that you can take advantage of to test the iPad 3.

You can also get a free iPad 3 by submitting your contact information and valid email address so that you can complete a basic survey on the Internet. This will only take you a few minutes to complete the survey. They use these surveys to determine the climate of the marketplace.

There are numerous drawings that give away free iPad 3 tablet computers that are authorized by some Apple dealers on the Internet. You can search the internet to find websites that have an Apple storefront by looking on Google, Kijiji, and Craigslist. You can enter these drawings as many times as you ant and obviously, the more time you enter the better your chances of winning a free iPad 3. They will notify you if you win by email.

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