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A hols launch date for iPad 3?

iPad 3 releasing in time for the hols? That will really be something for Apple fan boys to give thanks about.

Industry executives updated their forecast iPad 3 release date to be around this year’s holiday season. The months building up to the major holidays such as the hols and Christmas has always been a good time for Apple to launch its new products. The general feeling of generosity, the spirit of gifting and major sale frenzies during Black Friday Apple offers or Apple’s Christmas sale have always boost Apple’s sales figure through the roof.

Taiwan Economic News report that Asustek Computing is rushing the production of its latest Transformer-coded tablet PC in anticipation of heavy competition from the launch of Apple’s new iPad 3 at the hols.

Apple’s iPad has always been a heavy hitter in the world of tablet computing and the launch of the new iPad 3 during the holiday season will pose a serious threat to all non-Apple tablets.

As its competitors gear up to fight off Apple, a the hols launch date for Apple’s iPad 3 will turn the holiday season into a major battleground for iPad 3 vs non-Apple tablets.

iPad 3 to be launched at iPad 2 prices

Given the number of upgrades and new features that iPad 3 has, many are wondering how much will the new iPad 3 cost?

Based on this article by Patrick Stafford, iPad 3 will be launched at iPad 2′s price points. He reports that Apple will price the iPad 3 at the same price as the iPad 2, which was discounted from the original iPad released last year. It also reports that the price of iPad 2 will also be discounted in a similar manner.

It is expected the new iPad 3 to be released alongside a iTunes upgrade as well as a new version of Apple’s iPad 2 Smart Cover.

iPad 3 and iPhone 5 parts leaked online

The iPad 3 may be coming soon, according to these leaks of Apple iPad 3 internal parts online.

First appearing on the website of online reseller SW-box, these supposed iPad 3 internal parts were found by 9to5 Mac. It seems like we do not have to wait long for a new Apple iPad.

9to5 Mac reports that the part seen is basically the full external button control cabling system for the rumored iPad 3. It consists of the power switch, volume keys, and silent/ringer switch. The materials used to build this component is the same as those used for the current generation of iPad 2 but the structure and locations of switches are completely different. These indicates that the new iPad 3 will have a different internal structure from the iPad 2 which leads to further speculation of a thinner and more sleek design for the iPad 3.

While this part may not be terribly interesting, it does tells us iPad 3 is no longer just a mere rumor and that parts for it are already in production, perhaps even turning up in Apple stores worldwide in September or October.

The Apple rumor mills seem to be working overtime today as news surface of a iPhone 5 internal part emerging online.

This here is rumored to be iPhone 5′s proximity light sensor. It would seem like Apple is gearing up production for both iPhone 5 and iPad 3 at the same time.

Perhaps come September, we will be treated to a simultaneous launch of both iDevices i.e. iPhone 5 and iPad 3. That will definitely shoot Apple’s sales figure through the roof.

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