Will Apple Axe the Price of the iPad 3?

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Article by Kimberly Mahoney

Why wait for the answer? Sell your old iPad now!

Forgive me for the term. But even if your iPad is only months or a year old since its formal release, it is now considered old. Yes! Old. Ancient, and so ages ago! I don’t know what more to add. But it surely is. In the future, it will only be part of an exclusive exhibit from the Akron Art Museum or the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It would definitely be a hit, especially when bannered “Technology of the Past”. Boohoo…so profound.

No, I just made that up.

But seriously, as with all things involved in the digital age, electronic stuff comes and goes. Technological trends shift rapidly like movies at the cinema. Then again, as with all things that humans deal with, we always find ways of adapting and surviving even the most drastic changes that are constantly recurring in all phases of our lives. Numerous times we have proven our might in managing the rigors of daily living. And instead of getting down, we become more resilient.

Consider the latest rumors about the coming of iPad 3. Much has been said about the 3rd generation of iPad even before it materializes. Or will it materialize? We don’t know yet. But is Apple thinking of selling the iPad 3 with a very appealing price tag? I mean, will it come at a much cheaper yet competitive price?

A DigiTimes report says the company is buying the services of less expensive component maker as its supplier. Why? To adjust the price of the ‘newest tablet’.

According to these rumors, Apple scouts the possibility of using integrated circuits from Taiwan-based design houses. With a relatively lower variable costs and fixed costs, it will definitely yield a positive relationship. To put it simply: the price of the iPad 3 will be cheaper.

Whether or not they resort to this plan, and have the new tablet’s selling rate down, we still can’t put our fingers on what’s going to unfold as real or remain as mindless rumors.

But in the case of your old iPad, if there is something better out there to help you, why not get it now? The ticket to do this is your old iPad. How? Sell your old iPad at cashforipads.com!


Before you sell your old iPad online, bear in mind that some personal information may still be intact. Especially if you are already using it for quite some time. A good suggestion before you sell your old iPad is to delete all existing data left stored on your gadget. Be sure that your privacy won’t be put into jeopardy. So, change the iPad mode to its factory settings. This way it will reset itself into its original configuration. You can always repeat the whole procedure as you please.


To sell your old iPad is a fairly easy thing to do. But things entail a bit of risk. Electronics refurbishment companies which do online buy-and-sell of iPads now proliferate the virtual space. Though some of them are incontestably legit, others are just bogus. Many have been victimized by fraud and stolen identities- and I bet you wouldn’t ever want to be a part of it.

The best thing to do before you sell your old iPad is to conduct a brief background check on these online companies. When you sell your old iPad at cashforipads.com, you will see on their webpage some business certifications and standard regulators symbols. Some of which are BBB (Better Business Bureau), VeriSign, and TRUSTe. You can click on these embedded logos to make sure that you are in good hands once you sell your old iPad.


So how do you sell your old iPad at cashforipads.com? Just follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Indicate the model and condition of your iPad.
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Nothing else can be this simple, easy, and fast! And what’s more? You will get cash for it!

IPad 3 or nada? Cheaper or not? Who cares! Be prepared of what’s going to be your pick in a little while. Sell your old iPad now!

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