10 Facts About The Apple iPad

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Article by Jonathan Golding

1. The iPad was going to be called the iBook and be like an ebook reader but apple changed it to make it more like an iPhone.

2. The iPad’s design is based on the iPhone and the iPhone’s design is based on the monolith from 2001: a Space Odyssey.

3. The average cost of an app is .99. But it takes an average of 4 weeks to make one and sell it.

4. The most used app on the iPad is safari and the most visited website is apple.com.

5. The iPad can use almost all of the iPhone’s apps.

6. The 3G version costs an extra 0 and is locked to AT&T. There are two options 250MB for .99 a month or 2GB for a month. IT is a monthly contract which is very good because nobody wants to be signed up to a 12-18 month contract.

6. More Than 1 million apps were downloaded to iPads on the first day.

7. You can sync your iPod touch or iPhone with your iPad. Personally I do not think this is very useful because I can not see why somebody would get an iPad if they had an iPod touch or an iPhone

8. The iPad has a 9.7 inch screen (about the same size as a piece of A4 paper), weighs less than a kilogram, maximum battery life of ten hours, the battery is built in so it can not be replaced and the maximum amount of memory is 64GB.

9. The iPad does not support flash. Most videos and games on the internet are flash so this is quite a big problem for the iPad. However if you jailbreak it flash is supported.

10. Prices start from 9 for a 16GB wifi and go up to 9 for an iPad 3g 64gb

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