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An Essential pro is a multi use app that incorporates in itself a complete package of different apps required for your day-to-day life. It gives you direct and instant access to simple apps that help a lot in your daily routine like city guide, Alarm clock, worldwide radio, Quick notes, Currency converter etc.

While people were coming to terms with the difference between iPad 3G and 3GS, its 4G version was unveiled. With the Apple iPad 4G unveiled, Apple’s smartphone got even better with more versatility built in to it. While checking out the Apple iPad review, I also happened to browse through the smart new apps designed for it. You will discover a number of the best apps listed below. I found the music apps fascinating.
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Userful iPad Apps and Tips for Developer

Join iPad App Developer GroupiPad App Developer brought in a revolution in mobile phone expertise. Riding on the 3G wave, it is transformed the ordinary mobile phone from being a phone to being your communication portal with the world that provides a rich multimedia experience. You can have a video chat through your phone, generate, edit and share videos and pictures, listen to the latest music, and browse online. The iPad is your truly smartphone. Its utility can be enhanced by a range of apps that you can download and install along with the best iPad accessories. Out of the over 6545 on offer, I have picked0 must have iPad apps for your scan. These apps can substantially enhance your iPad’s utility. Check them out!

These Apps Are Available on Your iPad.

1. Radio
2. Weather
3. Language Converter
4. City Guide
5. Audio Recorder

Listen to your favorite radio music station with a touch. Essential pro gives way to an app which streams all radio music stations. You can add you love radio station to your favorites list as well and enjoy the pleasure of listening it all day.

Are you in a dilemma whether it is going to be a sunny day or a monsoon climate? Then here comes an app that can predict the weather at your place for the upcoming four days. You can also set the temperature setting to Celsius and Fahrenheit in settings option.

Language Converter:
Are New to a specific language? Your iPad finds the solution through essential pro app. Get the comfort of learning about a new language at your finger tips. Enter the word you are looking for and this app provides you the translated word in no time. You must pick the necessary language.

City Guide:
Now you need not have the fear of getting lonely in a new place as along with your iPad you can have a check of your current position and its surroundings and get all the necessary information about the nearby parking areas, shops, restaurants etc. It comprises of a total of 15 sub apps making it a well equipped sub app.

Audio Recorder:
Records any song with this app. Audio recorder comes with this you even have the option to rename your recorded file. The list of recorded sound come in a sliding format from where you can select it.

About the Author platform is a hotbed for development of new iPad app developer taken advantage of this chance and has come up with apps that can harness the power of this new platform.


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