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1 OZAKI iCoat Versatile Cover
First, give you in regards to product is launched by OZAKI iCoat Versatile protective sleeve. This product includes denim material, both to safeguard the screen against dust and avoid touching the outside environment and scratches, but and provide shock absorption and cushioning of the anti-collision function. At once, the product down with anti-band to circumvent iPad2 from slipping.
iCoat Versatile a line simple design behind the right interpretation of a robust and practical features. The product provides users with 3 removable strap, respectively, for a shoulders, neck use, flexibility is usually closely linked with the iPad 2 fixed over the automobile, airplane seats, and fully meet the users in a variety of environment needs.
2 iCoat Notebook Case iCoat Notebook is mostly a recently introduced OZAKI ipad 3gs 2 leather protection claim. This protective shell using a high fashion leather solutions in Italy and France made Saffiano and Epi natural leather material, with a number of colors, in leather accents decorated with retro style in 2011, to make elegant extravagance knows certainly no borders, and with the highest equate leather. OZAKI iCoat Notebook leather top and bottom with the open design, so that user will more easily into the entire body and remove the ipad 3gs. Another holster on the right also to adjust the keys and a rotary display lock key reserve gap, without affecting the user’s process. Meanwhile, iCoat Notebook also provides users with 35 degrees and 100 degrees angle fixed. Holster over the back of the panel on the fixed slot, and then flat to the leather was placed horizontally relating to the desktop, it will cause that iPad screen with horizontal lines showing the 30-degree angle to facilitate the user send and receive mailbox, logging keystrokes.
iPad 2 incorporates a slimmer body, although the iPad is user-friendly compared to hand-held, but in the long mechanisms for hand-held or will increase the burden on the user’s wrists and hands, the recent selling you can find, there is one accessory iPad 2 models from Aeolus DEEPCOOL’s i-Stand S3 can solve this condition. i-Stand S3 has some streamlined look, solid design, through this product, an individual can arbitrarily adjust the direction of freedom to attain flat, panoramic three-dimensional breathing space conversion, 360 rotation to apply. But also the liberation of one’s hands, let your apple 2 stood up.
Ever since the listing of this product will quickly get a good user experience and reputation, but more perfectly compatible with the new listing iPad2, your frame size of 224. 5 x 132. 3 x 54. 5mm, weight 390g. i-Stand S3 contains a streamlined look, ipad 2 otterbox solid type, through this product, the individual can arbitrarily adjust a direction of freedom to obtain flat, panoramic three-dimensional space or room conversion, 360 rotation to apply. But also the liberation with the hands, let your ipad device 2 stood up.battery pack for ipad 2
Apple iPad 2 has been available for some time, many of friends get this ipad tablet computers product.. However, for users of Ipad booklet 2, the various essential features of the film is some sort of bed of roses.
Many ablet iPad 2 users will run into an annoying problem, iPad 2 clean the touchscreen technology is easy to abandon fingerprints, not only affects the looks, but also affect the clarity for the screen. While those coming from South Korea’s S-VIEW, fingerprint-proof protection film launched the ipad device 2 special film, but not just for the user filter covered with fingerprints to resolve the problem, but are able to improve the screen’s unnatural hand.power adapter for ipad 2
The special anti-fingerprint iPad 2 film with a new nano-technology, membrane work surface smooth enough, and special processes to produce nano-touch screen works more effectively to increase the touch sensitivity and accuracy. wireless keyboard for ipad 2 In addition, fingerprint-proof, but which boasts anti-oil film, dust and also other functions, allows users so that you can easily touch the have fun with iPad, without leaving your trace. It is truly worth mentioning that, while the fingerprint-proof film which does not affect normal visual lighting transmission rate can accomplish 92%, and the amount of film hardness of 3H, whilst the integration of the UV attribute film, paste film discover UV light will immediately start effect. Meanwhile 3um coarse silicone layer,ipad 2 stylus, ipad battery pack but and to film can withstand your 400 degree heat, will not produce bubbles question ipad 2 power adapter
Recently, OZAKI introduced a various Apple iPad 2 add-ons, including an iStroke pen with innovative appearance, beautiful and delicate workmanship, to provide users with accurate handwriting in addition to drawing aids. Stylus length shorter than the traditional pen, soft rubber head and system of the recovery was good. The pen on the fashion element, the vital is its powerful utility that enables users to fully go through the fun of writing, a release of finger weakness, avoid misuse, effectively enhance the operation of fluency, correctness, bid farewell to a screen fingerprints from shiny as new. Except with the Apple iPad screen outside, the product can also be employed to all capacitive multi-touch monitor (iPhone / ipod itouch), the iPad / iPhone / ipod itouch capacitive multi-touch screen accurate click and scroll to give the perfect solution finger in the touch screen for more precise than the positioning of clicks. stylus for ipad 2,charger for ipad 2
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