Netbook Comparison

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Netbook Comparison

Netbooks have become very popular these days, as they are cheap and light to carry. Hence it is commonly seen, that there is netbook vs laptop comparison made, before one decides to buy a laptop computer or a netbook. Netbook is a good option for people, who want to use their machine just for basic computing needs on the move. The market of netbooks is changing on a day to day basis and there is a huge variety of models, which a consumer can choose from. Hence, it is important that one carries out netbook comparison before the decision on buying the netbook is made. There are different parameters, which can become a part of netbook comparison guide. It can range from processor, to battery, to screen size, etc.

Criteria for Netbook Comparison

Netbook is the best solution for business and school, as they are big enough to do real work, yet small enough to travel effectively and use anywhere and everywhere. It has smaller than standard keyboard, but legible screen and plenty of room for files. When one starts comparing various netbooks, there is a comparison of certain vital features. These features are important for people, who want an effective, feature rich computer, which they can carry around.

Netbook Processor Comparison
Although netbooks may look small, they do pack a lot of power in them. Powerful processors are necessary for intense software. The netbook may not necessarily be a game player, but it should be able to process video, music and software, which is memory and processing intensive. 1.66 Ghz is a good processor to start off with. Most netbooks have a similar processor. There are also certain processors launched in the market, which are meant for small computers.

Netbook RAM Comparison
It is with the help of RAM, that you can work on a number of files or programs without stressing the system.

If you are planning to be gaming on your netbook, then it is recommended, that you do not opt for one, as gaming is not a strength with netbooks. However, you will not face problems, if you run several other applications on the netbook. Although, most netbooks do come with 1 GB of RAM, it can be upgraded up to 2 GB, if required. It is necessary, that the netbook RAM should be DDR2, which is typical for all notebook computers and if upgradeable has 1 DIMM slot to insert additional 1 GB RAM chip.

Netbook Hard Drive Comparison
More storage is necessary if you use a number of software for business and also have big files. When you plan to buy a netbook, it is necessary, that you get a big hard drive. You may use external hard drive for supplementing storage capacity, but a big hard drive is any day better. Triple digit GB storage is available, hence should be opted for.

Netbook Operating System Comparison
Computer operating system is different for different models. Hence you will have to decide, which would you want to opt for. There is Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, as well as Ubuntu available. If you are working on a constrained budget, you may want to opt for Ubuntu or Windows XP.

Netbook Screen Size and Resolution Comparison
Netbooks necessarily do have smaller screens. Some users are vary of using too small screens, but most of the models have clear screens, which give more than sufficient surface area to see, which is what you are actually doing, when you have multiple windows open. A good screen size needs to be around 10 inches, i.e. measure of the screen from top left corner to bottom right corner.

Netbook Battery Life Comparison
After the screen size and resolution, battery life is also an important point in netbook comparison. All of us are aware, a portable computer lives and dies by its battery. You may not always have the facility to plug-in, when you are on the road, and you may not want to deal with your computer dying on you at a critical time. Hence, like is the case with laptop battery, you will have to check, which of the netbook battery lasts long.

Netbook Price Comparison
This is an important point in the comparison, especially for students on a budget or for businesses, who are issuing netbooks to multiple staff members. It is best to have a netbook, which does everything necessary, but does not cause a big hole in the pocket. Around $ 400 is a good standard for a netbook to start off with.

These were the important points in netbook comparison, which might help you make your decision about, which netbook to opt for. There are some other points as well, like built-in Wi-Fi, optical drive, etc. If these are also your requirement, then you will have to include them in the netbook comparison chart as well. is everyone’s one-stop battery store for ACER Netbook Battery, COMPAQ Netbook Battery, Dell Netbook Battery, FUJITSU Netbook Battery,HP Netbook Battery,HP COMPAQ Netbook Battery,TOSHIBA Netbook Battery,LENOVO Netbook Battery,SONY Netbook Battery and MSI Netbook Battery,all our batteries, adapters are 100% satisfation guarantee and 100% brand new with 1 year warranty!

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Palin Comparison

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Palin Comparison

Some politicians really know how to stir some controversy. This McCain guy has elected possibly the most controversial running mate in American history. Maybe he was not entirely aware of her warped perspective when he asked her to join him, and simply thought it was a good idea to pick a woman since the swing vote lies with Hillary Clinton supporters. However, against Hillary, Sarah pales in comparison.

The biggest asset Hillary has over Sarah is that she has already been in the White House. She knows how things are done and did not let her husband screw up the country in the process (insert obvious joke here). Sarah Palin has been Governor of Alaska for what – two years? Alaska is kind of like its own country, right?

Hillary rode out the controversy of her husband’s disgrace with dignity and strength, and any woman who can endure that kind of public scrutiny and criticism must be someone world leaders wouldn’t want to contend with. Palin, however, attempted to cover up her daughter’s ‘shame’ Desperate Housewives style by pretending to be the mother of her daughter’s child.

Clinton’s main initiative is her healthcare plan, which was intended to provide healthcare to all Americans equally. Palin endorses the denial of state healthcare benefits to same sex couples.

Hillary obtained a law degree from Yale, Palin attended Hawaii Pacific College, North Idaho College, University of Idaho, Matanuska-Susitna College, and University of Idaho again where she finally obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism. More is better, yes? With her pageantry in progress, it’s understandable that her studies could get in the way. Hillary Clinton supports numerous Children’s organizations. Sarah Palin wants schools to teach abstinence & Creationism, and to teach gun safety to youth.

Matt Damon is not the only one to think that it’s crazy for a Presidential Candidate to select such an obvious flake for a running mate – or at least, I hope so. If we all cannot see how disastrous this could be and we elect this dynamic duo into office, we’re all in trouble. At least the late-night talk show hosts will have plenty of material to work with. is a blog featuring commentaries on current events or anything that is going on in her life at the time. “I’m an expert. On everything.”

Comparison Essay

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Comparison Essay

Writers will encounter a myriad of assignments with varying instruction in their career. One of these is comparison essay. This is an essay type that requires writer to expose how certain things, concepts, topics or individuals differ or are similar in various aspects. Comparison is a day to day exercise that each one has done knowingly or unknowingly. Shoppers compare different commodities prices and qualities, sizes, taste before deciding on which to buy. More so, unknown things may be explained by what is known. A kid may ask the mother, ‘what is a zebra? ‘It is a wild animal that shares the same body features with a donkey apart from the black and white stripes”, the mother may explain.

Words like compare and contrast, show similarities and differences, show merits and demerits of distinguishes a comparison assignment from others. However besides showing similarities and differences, a comparison essay goes further to persuade, inform or explain. An instructor is also interested in gauging how a writer understands differing concepts, individuals or text in a literature and how well the writer establishes their connecting link. Comparison essay invoke critical thinking and call for strong analytical skills. Like many essays, comparison essay has an introduction where the writer justifies the comparison and state the thesis. For instance, a writer may elude that though two subjects are similar in several ways; their differences set them far apart.

There are general ways of writing an effective comparison essay. The writer should first understand the subjects of comparison and list the significant points that will form the basis of comparison.

Some subjects may have both similarities and differences but the writer may consider comparing by emphasizing on one depending on the length of the essay. A writer may narrow to one side of comparison; to compare by contrasting (showing the differences) or by showing the similarities. The writer begins by listing all the similarities and differences.

There are many ways of organizing a comparison essay but the common two are subject by subject and point by point. In a subject by a subject organization, the writer compares one subject at a time. The writer discusses all the points of the first subject before moving to the second subject. A paragraph to tie the points in first and second subject is necessary in this organization. A writer may compare president Obamas’ administration and Bush’s administration. In a subject by subject organization, the writer may begin by critically analyzing Bush’s administration and then discuss Obamas’ administration showing areas of divergence and commonality. In a point by point organization, the writer compares each point of comparison at time. Short points may be compared in a single sentence but for more elaboration it may call for a paragraph.

The language used for a comparison essay is a third persona. In addition a writer should learn transitional clauses to give the essay coherence. Such transitions clauses like whereas, like, but, while, similarly, equally, differently, other than, save for just to mention a few. Some Comparison essays support a person point of view. The language therefore should be persuasive. In the example of Bush versus Obamas administration, the writer may be partisan, a republican or a democrat. In such cases, subjective comparisons are norm rather than exception. A republican writer may dismiss Obamas administration by emphasizing on the short comings while flattering Bush’s achievements.

A comparison essay ends with a brief and general summary of main similarities and differences. It also restates the thesis informs of personal statement or a prediction that will leave the reader more concerned with the topic. For instance, revisiting the above example, the writer may conclude that Americans are bad of with Obamas administration than they were with bush administration. The writer may also predict that in the coming election, Americans will retort back to republicans.

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If you are surfing into the web to shop for cheap digital camera while not being sufficiently prepared, your online shopping experience can get frustrating very quickly.  This is because most would want you to believe that you need to buy a digital camera with an obscene price tag so as to derive maximum pleasure with your picture shooting.  While the idea may not be wrong, it is possible to invest cheaply in a good camera that allows you to do everything you ever wanted to do with a digital camera.


The fact of the matter is that it is impossible to have certain cameras on the cheap because they get mixed up with a bundle of fanciful yet useless features to you.  When you are clear about what you look for, you would agree that you don’t have to possess every cutting-edge gizmo known to mankind in order to enjoy your camera.  Your decision to purchase a digital camera should be based on the knowledge what you need the camera for, not how the manufacturer would want you to use it.


In a society increasingly more fixated with figures and ratings, megapixel is the term used to define the world of digital cameras.  The simple truth is that the higher the megapixel rating is, the bigger your photograph would get.  Granted, a cheap digital camera is never associated with huge megapixels and that ain’t a bad thing.  If you can be contended with a 10 inch print of your photograph, most digital cameras on bargain pricing can comfortably do the job all right.


Of course it is important that you get decent overall quality of the pictures you take.  Some digital cameras are excellent when it comes to outdoor shooting, but it does a shabby job when you bring the camera inside the house.  If you have been handy with your photo editing software, you are probably not going to be deeply troubled by it.  But why settle on a lousy camera when they are cheap digital cameras offering superior quality.


If you are keen to extend your investigative adventure to find your ideal digital camera, I recommend that you surf the web to check on user experience from those who have actually bought them.  This could be your best bet to make up your mind after studying many technical specifications, and before putting in some real investment for a taste of your desired camera.  The technical specifications would simply communicate what the manufacturers would have you believed but the user reviews tell stories on what they are really capable of.  Go to sites that offer multiple brands and models such as Buy Electronics Online so it is easier to make a comparison and drawn your conclusion and that will be your best online shopping.

Buy Laptop Online

Indian Laptops Comparison

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Indian Laptops Comparison

Shopping for a laptop can be overwhelming because of the plentiful options one gets to choose from. The best way to find out about the laptops even before you shop is to give a search, like say, “laptops India” and compare the various laptop models. This will help you in figuring out the best laptop as per your needs

Things to consider while comparing laptops, India

- Compare in terms of laptop price first. See if the price fits your budget
- Compare the features each of the brands have and if you find a low priced laptop that has features enough for your usage, then go for it. It is useless to have a laptop with high end features that you will never probably use even once
- Compare the durability, performance and robustness of the laptops
- Compare the brands to which these laptops belong. Buying a branded laptop will ensure good quality products

Information about Compaq Laptops

Compaq laptops India are one among the renowned and popular brands that customers use. Compaq is here in India since 1983. The then Compaq model was known Compaq portable. Its cost was around Rs.100000 at that time. It was a much talked about model in those days and till today the company maintains the same kind of standard in all its products. The laptop price of this brand falls in between the price range – Rs.22000 to Rs.49000. Compaq laptops are known for their great performance and good battery life. The company has been coming up with unique and good quality models consistently and has definitely made a mark for itself in laptops India market.

Introduction to Dell Laptops

Dell laptops can be considered as one among the leaders of laptops India market. The Dell range of laptops comes with very diverse qualities. In fact every user can get the parts of his/her Dell laptop customized depending on the overall laptop price and his/her needs. Users who are into Business tend to choose Dell Precision model or the Dell latitude model. These two product ranges are specially crafted for business use. Laptop price of all Dell branded models come in between the range – Rs.29000 to Rs.100000. Users who want to use the laptops at home for casual purpose can use Dell Inspiron model or Dell XPS model.

Brief look into Samsung Laptops

The laptop price associated with the Samsung brand is very economical and suits every class of people in India. Rs.42000 is what you need to have if you want higher end models in Samsung laptop, India. This is a great way to have complex technology within affordable amount. Rs.17000 is what you need to have to have to buy a basic model of Samsung laptop. These basic laptops are very useful for in-house usage. They don’t have high end features or complex technology. So, if you want an economical laptop price and your use is limited to your house, then this basic Samsung model is good for you.

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Comparison Ebook Readers

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Comparison Ebook Readers

Three of the more prominent ebook reader applications on our favorite platform are Stanza, eReader, and the Amazon Kindle App. I’m a big book reader, the type ‘bound with real paper’, but I’m not against reading on my iPod Touch as well, especially when faced with some content that is only available as an ebook. So, I’ve downloaded each of these apps, along with a few books for each, and figured I’d give you all a look at each one and what I think the positives and negatives are.

I’m going to start with the newest, Amazon’s Kindle. Amazon has its own portable device, the Kindle, but they wisely decided to not limit their store sales to only that hardware by introducing this app for the  Device. Ease of downloading books for your Kindle App falls somewhere in the middle of the three I’m going to look at, as you must first go on the internet (through Safari or your computer) to the Amazon store. From there you purchase the Kindle book, through whatever means you have set up with Amazon. The good news is, the book you’ve ordered will then wirelessly download to your Apple device, and within moments you can begin reading.

The Kindle App has a nice main menu, with various sorting options for the books stored in the application. Within the book itself, there are three background color/text color choices, plus multiple text sizes. I found that at my reading pace (when the device is held vertically) I needed to set the text at the second to smallest text size (shown in the picture above) if I wanted to be able to read each ‘page’ on the screen before the device starts to go dark (as if shutting down, because you haven’t touched the screen in too long). The Kindle App allows you to switch to a horizontal screen, as well as to lock the screen so it can’t move. I personally want to get as much text on the screen as possible, without having to hit the screen unnecessarily to keep it from going dark (in other words, only hitting the screen when I’m read to turn the page). You can retrieve a menu that shows chapter marks as well as any bookmarks you may have put into the story you’re reading. It’s a clean app, but it doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as the others.

Though the App is fairly new, eReader itself has been around the longest; it’s the way most people have been reading ebooks for years. There’s a fairly wide selection of free books available on eReader, but in some ways, this is actually the most difficult app to order or purchase books from. Again you must first go on the internet (through Safari or your computer) and select one of the stores that sells eReader books. You must also have an eReader account, and then go through the process of purchasing and downloading. On the up side, there are a few more choices in stores you can purchase from (as opposed to Kindle, which is just the one store).

The eReader App itself has a serviceable main menu. It’s not as pretty as the other two apps I’ve checked out, which is also true of the main body of these books themselves. Again, I had to move the text setting up from the smallest size (allowing the most text on the screen) to the next level up (medium – as shown in the picture above) in order to be able to read a page without the screen starting to go black. In eReader you have a lot more options for font type, line spacing, margins – and eight different color combinations for background and text. Again you can switch between horizontal and vertical orientations for viewing the book, but you have to go into the menu to lock it in place (unlike Kindle, where that option pops up on the screen as you move from one to the other). Ultimately, eReader, even with all the additional options, feels more bare bones than either Kindle or Stanza, the last app I’ll look at.

Stanza has the easiest options for purchasing ebooks, as it’s all done directly through the application itself. From the main menu, you access the Online Catalog, which gives you access to a number of different stores and free book sites. From each of these, you select the book you want to purchase, it charges your iTunes account, automatically downloads the book requested, and you’re ready to read.

The main menu I found to actually be the easiest to navigate, as it presents multiple options up front (purchasing, books sorted in multiple ways, even the things you’ve read most recently). Stanza isn’t doing anything that the other Apps can’t do; it’s just presenting it in a little more straightforward way. I will say there is a noticeable lag as the App loads the book you want to read; a book you’ve already purchased and downloaded, it already resides on your device, but it seems to take a few moments to format it. This same lag crops up when you switch from horizontal to vertical viewing, as the App adjusts what page you’re on. That said, there are again a lot of options in choosing font size (literally a sliding scale, as opposed to preset size options), a near endless variety of color choices for background and text. I could actually set the font size much smaller in Stanza (as shown in the picture above) and still be able to read to the end of the page before it went dark.

So, each eBook reader App has its pros and cons, but I found all of them to be easy to use and read books on – and that’s really what it’s all about. Still, if I had to choose just one, Stanza is the one I most often use and would recommend. As a summary.

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HDTV Comparison Help

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HDTV Comparison Help

Buying an HDTV may be a tough selection with so numerous brands and models to choose from, which is why it is needed to make HDTV comparisons. To support you determine what’s finest for you, follow this HDTV comparison lead.

HD Ready vs Full HD

1 of the ways to make a good HDTV comparison would be to know the distinction between an HDTV which is Full HD and one that’s merely HD Ready. A Full HD HDTV is 1 that has a built-in ATSC tuner, which means it is capable of receiving High Definition signals on its own and displaying them in full resolution on the screen. On the other hand, an HD Ready HDTV can’t display HD signals in their full resolution, which can lessen the picture quality. It also doesn’t come with a tuner so it can not receive HD signals unless you purchase one separately. HDTV tuners come in two main types – external or set-top-boxes and internal or tuner cards, which are both easy to find.

LCD vs Plasma

You can find four kinds of HDTV, although it normally boils down to choosing between two – LCD and Plasma. LCD HDTVs are light and energy-efficient. A lot of LCD HDTVs are displaying deeper black levels, have wider viewing angles and quicker response times, too – which had been originally the weak points of LCD HDTVs. Plasma HDTVs, on the other hand, are superb when it comes to displaying vivid blacks and saturated colors, also as preventing motion blur, even though they usually consume far more energy, can suffer from screen burn-in and can reflect a lot more light.

1080p vs 720p

Resolution is also an critical factor when choosing an HDTV, the most typical of which are 1080p and 720p.

1080p HDTVs have a native resolution of 1920x1080p, which is the most effective obtainable. This means you’ll get superb images on your screen, but only if your source is also 1080p, though, which is presently limited to Blu-Ray discs and some video games. As a result, 720p HDTVs are still a excellent choice.

16:9 vs 4:3

Watching a widescreen movie or High Definition TV show on a 4:3 HDTV means you will be seeing black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. On the other hand, watching a 4:three show on a widescreen HDTV means you’ll see black bars at the sides, unless you stretch the image and distort it within the procedure. To determine between a 16:9 or 4:three HDTV, then, you’ve got to take into account what you normally watch, though either way, expect to see some black bars once in a although.

Other Picture Top quality Considerations

Aside from the resolution as well as the screen ratio, there are still other points of HDTV comparison when it comes to picture high quality. These contain the contrast ratio, which lets you know how deep the black levels are compared to the brightness of the white levels, as well as the number of frames per second the HDTV can method. The latter is typically expressed in Hz and is important in gauging how well an HDTV will perform when the action picks up.

30, 40 or 50 inches?

Screen size is an crucial factor in HDTV comparison, too, particularly since it determines the viewing distance and also the price. Even if you have a 32 or 34-inch HDTV, the distinction in picture high quality is still noticeable, even though this is, of course, has a greater impact with larger HDTVs. Still, a 52 or 58-inch HDTV is not really needed unless you’ve a significant living room but feel free to get 1 if you have a huge budget.


Brand is also important, but not as essential as the other points of HDTV comparison, specifically no single brand is the hands-down finest 1 of them all. Instead of comparing brands, compare specific models after considering other elements. This way, you can clearly see which one has the features you are trying to find and therefore, deserves a place in your property.

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Digital Camera Comparison

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Digital Camera Comparison
Digital photography is the perfect way to capture this generations need for instant gratification. You can snap a picture, view it instantaneously, download it to your computer, and send it out in an email or post it on the World Wide Web.
There are, as we know, different brands and models of digital cameras. Before you buy a digital camera you might first want to see if you can make a digital camera comparison. From the results of this comparison you will become aware of the various aspects of buying a digital camera.
In your digital camera comparison, there are certain factors which must be looked at thoroughly before you make your final choice for a digital camera. These factors include the matter of handling the camera, the many features that can be found in the digital cameras, and the performance abilities of your chosen camera.
The final factor which needs to be looked into is that of the value for money that you will get from buying a certain camera.
As you look at the first digital camera comparison category, the handling of the camera, you will need to think about various items, and this includes how the digital camera feels in your hands. This means does the camera feel sturdy or poorly made, is it lightweight or heavy.
You will need to note the materials that your digital camera is made from as well in your digital camera comparison. The other item that needs to be looked into is that of the controls and if you can easily read and understand them. You should also be able to get a feeling for the quality of the digital camera from this digital camera comparison.
The next item to be seen to on your comparison test should be that of the many features that you can find with various digital cameras. You should check to see if you have a variety of useful features when you are selecting a type of digital camera that you consider as being suitable.
The other features that makes buying a digital camera a marvelous idea is if you have access to a menu system that will help you navigate the many features of the camera. To have great pictures the metering, focusing and flash exposure systems will need to be seen to as well.
Your digital camera comparison will need to include the performance of the digital cameras that catch your eyes. In this category you should look at the noise level that can be heard from a digital camera. You will have to see if the different digital cameras have the capability of presenting you with clear and sharp pictures. You will have to go through all of these aspects to find out if you are buying a worthwhile digital camera that you will use. From this digital camera comparison you will be able to know if you’re getting a good digital camera that worth the money that you are paying for it.
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Comparison of 3 wireless reading device applications

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Comparison of 3 wireless reading device applications

This comparison does not focus on the device itself but the usage of the device. This will compare the top 3 wireless reading device applications.


If the electronic book that you wanted to read has lots of graphics on it especially colored graphics, it is best to read it using iPad. But then iPad’s screen glare and it is not good to the eyes for it gives eye strain. Therefore having it in Kindle 3 is good enough. Kindle 3 uses e-ink technology which does not glare and gives the reading experience a pleasure.


For web browsing, iPad is still the best for it gives quick information look-ups. Whether the research is all about weather, news applications, and other things, it would be very comfortable to research using an iPad. Aside form the iBook applications of Apple. You can also have Kindle for iPad, Nook, Kobo, and Stanza applications on the iPad.


If you device to read an electronic book on your iPad, it is best to use the Kindle for iPad applications because even the colored graphics looks very good on it. The reason for this is that Kindle for iPad is a superior application.


Using an iBook application is good but the browsing, searching and buying functions are sometimes uncomfortable and sometimes not very functional.


All Amazon content are brought with Kindle applications. It has an excellent browsing and searching capability. It also is better and much faster than the iPad’s searching and browsing capability. Amazon’s one-click buying experience work even on iPad and it works flawlessly.


Some Kindle books have audio and video clips on it. iBooks also has this feature which is really good to have an enjoyable reading experience.


To compare more about wireless reading device or the eBook Readers click on Compare eBook readers or eBook reader reviews.


Or for more information regarding eBook readers click on Wireless reading device.

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Titan Poker Review and Bonus Code Comparison

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Titan Poker Review and Bonus Code Comparison


Titan Poker is the largest poker room out there following PokerStars and Full Tilt. The site has undeniably the best poker bonuses and guaranteed prize tournaments around. There is over $ 16m guaranteed prizes each month.(8/10)


If you don’t mind big bright flashing lights then Titan Poker is the client for you but even if you hate it, you can still reduce this to a certain extent via the options menu. The tables and lobby are re sizable and the interface is superb allowing easy access to all tournaments and ring games going. (7/10)

Competition Level:

The competition isn’t as bad (good) as what you’ll find at RedStar Poker or PKR but it definitely isn’t as tough as PokerStars or Full Tilt. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the number of players who will happily donate their cash on any sort of marginal draw or hand. One word of warning would be that the limit games are a lot harder to beat than usual so my advice would be to stay away from them unless you know what you’re doing. The no limit games (up to $ 0.25/$ 0.50) are very easy to profit on provided you have a fairly good understanding of the game. (7/10)

Bonuses and Promotions:

Titan poker offers a 100% bonus up to $ 500 on your first deposit so you can really earn that extra few bucks. This offer is fairly standard amongst other poker rooms and so it depends on your preference of poker room. Other sites such as RedStar Poker offer a far greater bonus of 110% up to $ 600 on your first deposit and also 33% rakeback. (8/10)

Customer Service:

All sites can be reached by email or (sometimes) telephone, but Titan Poker’s online live chat support blows away the competition.

With quick and easy live support, you will never have a question that goes unanswered for more than a few minutes. (9/10)

Better poker room, better bonuses – Titan Poker Bonus Code.

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