Unicom push vice cards to increase in chip for the introduction of data 3G version iPad

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The importance of the terminal for mobile Internet from iPhone, iPad let apple website industry with the commanding heights is obvious. As apple’s a operators channel, China unicom fight with the latter with targeted business more extensive cooperation, can yet be regarded as clever lift.

The daily economic news that, following the end of last year zhejiang unicom launch data it business “trial commercial”, hunan unicom also that recently launched “data it” new business, all the above two provinces unicom mobile phone users, all can apply for to deal with a current phone card, deputy it with data function, billing card machine and of card). According to understand, since data it, originally launched the difficult since the 3G version of the iPad sales in zhejiang and hunan the absolutely sales situation improved obviously.

To this, a domestic handset manufacturers personage points out, China unicom has been introduced with the iPad 3G version for apple, data negotiations it can be applied directly to the iPad 3G version, while promoting gray market, but also of the sales of the iPad 3G version for unicom into increased bargaining chips.

Pull up iPad 3G version of popularity

On May 2, the daily economic news “in hunan changsha city center within an electronics mall to understand, since the iPad since last year, gray market market have been sold snazzy WiFi version far more than 3G version. The mall’s a gray business WiFi16G edition, “introduction to the basic SanSiTai can sell a day, 3G version of the basic, no people ask, I also have no preparation.”

At present, the gray market price in 3400 16GiPad snazzy WiFi version of the 3G version of the yuan, 16GiPad price in 3,700 yuan or so. This absolutely traders think, “actually 3G version more cost-effective than WiFi version.”

IPad 3G version for the unpopular causes, this absolutely traders said, “although say 3G version can realize everywhere, but owing to the Internet HangHuo only introduced WiFi, many users do not know as long as separate small card do a piece of unicom 3G version can be used. And even if know, few have to do.”

“Now unicom out data it, is tantamount to eliminate the special card, at least now is the trouble of users, such as using unicom iPhone4 user, China unicom version more willing to buy the iPad 3G version.” This gray business introduction, hunan unicom data it business news, to launch the gray business place of iPad 3G version of the buyer inquiries significantly increased, according to a has purchased 3G version 16GiPad user told the gray business this week, he will go to China unicom in it, apply for the data used in the Internet iPad.

According to earlier it service launched the data of zhejiang unicom company’s customer service personnel introduces the end of last year, since the launch of zhejiang unicom since it business data handling the business users every month to maintain the number at high levels, according to the customer service staff know, deal with data it user, most will be used for iPad 3G version it.

Make full use of package in traffic

A unicom insiders on May 2nd accept the daily economic news interview introduction, data it business is designed for unicom users use in data flow and development packages of a new business. “At the iPhone4 286 yuan user for example China unicom edition, monthly package flow is 1G data in the iPhone4, if single use, not necessarily in every month can be done with, now launching it, mobile phone make bottomless flow can use on a laptop, iPad, etc, so that users on a terminal set charges is not wasted.”

The above persons stressed that in addition to make full use of package flow beyond, the main card and it or unified billing, two card mutual don’t cause interference, it can only be used for data online, do not have a message and the calls, and other functions, and only supports domestic data roaming, similar to the 3G wireless ShangWangKa USIM card. So users in the use of data it without billing error or exposure privacy aspects of hidden trouble.

According to introducing, zhejiang unicom in December 2010 1 to March 31, the data on the trial commercial it business, which has obtained a good market effect. At present, the data of zhejiang and hunan it is only on function fees are . According to the daily economic news understand, online has guangzhou, chongqing users, according to the business consultation in China unicom aspects reveal that the business will gradually in the national push.

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