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March 7, according to foreign media reports , you have to admire Apple CEO Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs). Regardless of how his illness, his presentation skills and performance on stage is still very beautiful. As usual, Apple iPad 2 of the happy times would disappear.The famous American magazine ?PC Magazine? editor and vice president responsible for the content of Ulan Ivanov Lance (Lance Ulanoff) and other industry on the latest Apple iPad 2 into question.

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Ulan Ivanov said, almost all of these questions have answers.

1. Why didn?t have memory specification?Apple?s busy in promoting iPad 2, compared with the first generation of significantly improved performance. This is mainly from the A5 chip. This makes Dual-core processor performance will be much more than single-core processors. However, the same as other computers, the processor is only part of the performance. Improve the system performance What is the eas

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iest way? Increase in memory. We know that the first generation of memory iPad is 256MB. But Apple did not say how much memory iPad 2. Reasonable guess should be ?more.?

2. Why didn?t have 4G feature?Apple?s new best friend, Verizon has a new LTE network. However, your new Verizon iPhone 4 iPad 2 mobile phones and can not be found on the Tablet PC 4G features. Why? Price is one reason: to increase 4G wireless capabilities sure to raise the price of iPad 2. In addition, pay close attention to the Apple market. Early market research shows that nearly 50% of the potential buyers iPad will choose only the WiFi feature iPad. Ulan Ivanov said, I have a function with 3G iPad, but I never enabled this feature. I found almost every place has WiFi access point. I guess that is a common situation. If a considerable proportion of the iPad users do not use 3G, or even when they do not have iPad use this feature, why Apple to launch 4G functions?

3. Why didn?t have Apple video game?Some speculate that Apple will try to get Apple TV and game iPad 2 become the de facto solution: the game will be installed in the iPad Airplay and Apple TV through your HD TV to play. Then, iPad will actually be the game controller. Apple iPad game only seems to insist on these devices to play. Apple always seems to be not up to standard to avoid user experience. Any iPad game to play on your HD TV results are poor. In addition, WiFi may not support real-time interaction.

4. Why there is no 7-inch iPad tablet PC?Have you heard of this view? Steve Jobs once last year, 7-inch Tablet PC as ?reach the dead.? Now, Jobs has changed his mind. He denied that only open up a new Apple iPhone. Nevertheless, the 7-inch tablet PC in the world still does not fire up. Apple will be happy to let those who want people to buy the small size of iPhone or iPad iPad Touch.

5. Why do not support Flash?Really? Some people think that Steve Jobs will change his mind on this issue it? It is said that the support of Flash will allow Apple iPad of battery life from 10 hours to 1.5 hours. This situation may be impossible, but, please note that Jobs for iPad 2 without sacrificing battery life mission is to improve performance so proud. Jobs said that one thing is true: When it comes to mobile devices when no longer battery life than what is more valuable.

6. Why didn?t improve display resolution?Ulan Ivanov said, I think Apple should iPad 2 display resolutions up to 1024 x 768 or more, at least to 1280 x 1024. However, the screen resolution and feel in some degree interchangeable. Some screens look better than the other display. However, iPad, iPad 2 and Motorola, etc. Most of Xoom Tablet PC for the relatively small screen, high definition image resolution and ordinary resolution images is very difficult. In addition, there are two obvious reasons: higher resolution will certainly affect battery life; to maintain the same resolution screen means that no application to upgrade the existing iPad.

7. Why iPad 2 can not be a cell phone?iPad iPad 2 has more than first-generation features and support more operators. Still, iPad 2 still can not serve as a mobile phone, at least there is no third-party application support. Apple added phone features easy? Again, Apple has a phone. If you want to call, Apple want you to buy its handsets. iPad is not suitable for holding the phone in the ear. Obvious that if the iPad 2 configure Bluetooth headset, you do not get the ear called the iPad. Ulan Ivanov said, I think Apple?s strategy is to convince consumers that iPad, iPhone, MacBook and Mac machines are completely different devices, each device has its own skill and purpose. IPad phone will put water into a muddy, confusing for consumers and will undermine the iPhone?s sales.

8. Why did not have 128GB models?The iPad 2 storage capacity increased to 128GB from 64GB flash memory prices will provide high-end products issued 100 dollars. For Apple iPad iPad 2 the price of the first generation remained unchanged. Ulan Ivanov said, I have heard some users said they iPad 64GB capacity to be filled with the first generation of iPad is difficult. I guess this is a good reason samsung Laptop Screen LTN156AT02.

9. Why there is no SD card slot or USB port?Perhaps because iPad 2 new camera means that you can use the tablet and store photos and video taken, you do not need a memory card from your camera to collect photos. In addition, the use of the new family iOS 4.3 sharing features, you will find it easy to directly from your PC, get what you need. Another reason is that Apple iPad to adhere to the design and thinner outer cone, SD card slot inappropriate. For the USB interface, is also for this reason. If you want to configure the USB interface, ultra-thin to buy Apple devices, you can buy MacBook Air.

10. The protection sets of ?Smart Cover? can really clean iPad2 screen?Ulan Ivanov said, to be honest, when buy electronics,I like the iPad all covered. However, the magnetic ?Smart Cover? really cool. Steve Jobs said, when you open it?s lid, it will automatically clean the display. I do not believe this argument, because you always use a piece of cloth to the first generation of hard iPad check the fingerprints on the display. Sorry, a lid, even a miniature fiber lid, there is no way to pass a clean iPad 2 Sassafras lid switch display

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