Google Shopper For Iphone Free For Product Comparisons

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Google Shopper For Iphone Free For Product Comparisons
Google Feb. 1 launched Google Shopper for iPhone, months launching the mobile shopping assistant on its own Android platform.

Google Shopper lets users search for products by text or voice input, choose a specific product that looks useful and compare prices at online and local retailers, all from their Android handset or iPhone.

Users who are actually in a store where they find the product can scan the barcode of a product using their mobile phone’s camera to retrieve more information, including pricing and other specifications.

Google Shopper will also provide inventory information from participating retailers so users can see if a particular store branch has the item in stock, has limited availability, or if the item is out of stock.

Shoppers who aren’t sold on a particular product can “star” products for future purchase, or share items with friends via their social network to alert them of particular sales or deals.

Google made the Shopper app available as a free download in Apple’s App Store for the tens of millions of owners of the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 in the U.S. and U.K. (iOS 4.0+ is required).

That came after millions of consumers downloaded Google Shopper for Android, which the company last upgraded Nov. 15 as part of its Product Search roll-out.

Specifically, the search engine partnered with more than 70 retailers and software makers such as Oracle, JDA and Epicor to index inventory of local Best Buys and other outlets. These software makers then provide special adapters to funnel retailers’ inventory data to Google Product Search.

Consumers searching Google Product Search can click the “nearby stores” link to see where products are in stock at participating stores near their location. Then they can purchase it online or drive to that store to size up the product to better decide if they want to buy it.

While a far cry from challenging or eBay for their e-commerce mantles, Google is placing an increased focus on product search, particularly at the local level where millions of advertising dollars are untapped.

The company is slowly rolling out its Google Offers service to provide Groupon-like local deals.

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Best 5 Free iPad Apps

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For most new iPad users, there is a very frustrating situation, which is they don’t know what apps to download in App Store, of course, everyone knows that Facebook, twitter and Angry Birds are essential , but what else? Now here are the best five free apps for iPad, which are not just for entertainment.

1. Dictionary&Thesaurus. Maybe you think this app is for students to learn words, and no fun at all, then you are wrong, you’ll know how fun to play words if you use this app, you can see “the hot word” and “word of day” in the interface, which can let you what’s the popular word. Of course, if you just want to simply look for one word, enter the first few letters of what you’re looking for in the search bar and the app shows a list of the dozen or so words that begin that way.

2. Video Converter. This is not an app that you can find in App Store. Actually this kind of third-party software is a make up for iPad because it can’t play most format videos, like DVD movies, so to watch DVD movies, we need dvd ripper reviews, and to watch other videos, we just need to convert them to MP4, which almost can be supported by all the portable devices.

3. The Guardian Eyewitness. Want to know what happens in the world, I mean the latest event? Well, you don’t need to sit front of TV or computer, just use your iPad, you’ll know everything, with this app. Of course, words only may let you feel boring, don’t worry, each day it brings a new image from the Guardian, and the subjects vary widely, from politics and world news to art and sports.


Evernote. One of the most important reasons for us to use iPad is because it’s very convenient, especially when we are outside. We can write down information on iPad when we seeing something or hearing something in case forgetting, like in class, many students use iPad to take notes right now, but how to organize all those messy nots? Evernote can help. The way your notes are organized can be sorted by date, title, the city or country they were created in, or the notebook they’re stored in. You can also use the five small tabs at the top of the screen to change what you’re viewing by Notebook, Tags, Places, and saved Searches.

5. Dropbox. It’s an app that can help you save, transfer and sync your files, sounds a little similar with iCloud? Maybe they have some similarities in functions, but this app is still very popular. Dropbox for iPad features a simple interface, easy uploading, and swift syncing across all accounts. It can save documents, music, movies and everything you want to save, but here is a tip about saving movies, because iPad generally supports MP4, so if you would like to save a M4V video, convert the format with m4v to mp4 converter first.

Now try these apps and tools, make the most of your iPad.

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Top 10 Best Free iPad Apps

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1. Red Ball

This highly addictive game isn’t the number one most downloaded free iPad app for nothing. While the game-play controls need a bit of improvement, it’s a pretty fun game, especially considering the price.

2. Facebook

Apple’s senior vice president of iPhone software, Considering that anyone with a decent amount of Facebook friends can access a wealth of profiles, updates, photos, and more, you can use it to be the hippest stalker ever.

3. Flickr

Flickr has always been a great resource for photographers and photography fans. With Flickr on the iPad, you’ll be able to cycle through Flickr’s amazing collection of photos with a much bigger screen.

4. NBC Olympic

With the Winter Olympics just a few short days a way, this new app from NBC will let you keep up with medal counts and updates on all of the action from Vancouver. The app will also allow viewers to access video highlights for free.

5. AP Mobile

If you want to take a break from the New York Times iPad app, then check out AP Mobile. This comprehensive app offers stories,photos, videos, and more. With the larger screen, videos & photos around the globe are bound to pop more.

6. Virtuoso Piano Free

Here’s an app that looks a bit like the life-size piano from the movie Big (when compared with how it looks on the iPhone). It’s also not just for seasoned musicians. The app helps you learn to play the piano by labeling the keys by their notes.

7. Kindle

If Apple plans to let Kindle stay on the iPhone/iPad platform, the Kindle app would be a good alternative to Apple’s new iBooks bookstore. All the Kindle users out there who want to give the iPad a spin but want access to all their Kindle-format ebooks might best appreciate this app.



Love to cook? If so, the Epicurious iPad app is made for you. This App lets you brows recipes (complete with delicious looking pictures) and create shopping lists for the ingredients you need.


With a free account you can share and collaborate on all types of files, making it a perfect app for students or employees who need to collaborate on documents or projects.

10. Shazam

The Shazam iPad app recognizes the song for you and lets you listen to previews and purchase the tracks. The iPad version features faster song recognition and, for a limited time, the launch version includes unlimited tagging.

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10 Free Apps You Need For Your New Ipad 2

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The iPad is this years high-tech toy of choice. No longer the domain of discriminating geeks and creepy technophiles, the iPad is now the undisputed king of a whole new computing trend that has spawned in the wake of its release only a year ago.

The iPad has a few design weaknesses, and developers are working hard to close these gaps. If you know where to look there are simple cloud computing solutions to most of these issues, as well as some apps that are just plain cool. Check out this list of 10 free apps for your iPad 2.

iPad owners have complained that the lack of a USB port makes it impossible to add removable storage to the iPad. This makes it unable to support flash drives, external hard drives, and similar commonly used storage mediums. If a file is too big to email it becomes problematic transferring information from your iPad to your computer or phone. Dropbox solves this problem. It acts as a folder that syncs with all machines its installed to. This includes your laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad and more. Running out the door and want to access that spreadsheet you just finished? Drag your file into Dropbox on your desktop and access it on your iPad later.

Dragon Dictation
The missing USB port is also makes it impossible to connect a regular keyboard to your iPad. Not a fan of using touch screen keyboards? Neither am I. The touch screen is actually one of the biggest complaints that consumers have about the iPad. This issue is addressed by Dragon Dictation. You can use Dragon to send texts and emails. Their voice recognition software records your voice and allows you to send dictated messages via email or text.

This is another great app for transferring data without a flash drive. Evernote lets you create photo, audio or text notes that you can sync with your PC without the hassle of having to retrieve it from your email. Ive used it to remember my bike lock pass key, note the code to my laundry room door and take photos of maps in malls, campuses, and office buildings to make it easier to find my way around..

Google for iPad
Access your personal Gmail account as well as all your Google Application accounts. You also get access to most of Googles apps in one spot, including Reader, Calendar, Documents, Talk, Voice and Books. You also get access to a voice enabled Google search. This is incredibly handy for looking things up quickly or while on the go.

By far the best free RSS reader for your iPad. Syncs quickly with Google Reader and has access to all of Google Readers sharing functionality. Not to mention its just plain beautiful and easy to navigate.

Amazon Kindle
Wait, dont I have to pay for books? True, but the beauty of Kindle is that you can download the first 10-20 pages of any Kindle book. This saves you money wasted on books you find you dont like after a purchase. It also saves you a trip to the book store and wading through brick and mortar kiosks and disorganized book shelves searching for your book of choice.

The best way to experience Facebook on your iPad. Essentially enhanced with touch screen support. Sure, the standard web browser version of Facebook on the iPad is good but Friendly is better.

Need to manage multiple twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare accounts? Hootsuite has a slick and simple touch interface that lets you schedule messages and manage multiple social media accounts in one spot.

Calculator Free HD
For some reason Apple did not include a free calculator with the iPad. Thats okay because Calculator Free HD works great and the advertising is minimal and not distracting.

The Weather Channel Max
Apple also chose not to include a native weather application with the iPad. The Weather Channel Max fills that role well and taps into The Weather Channels extensive content and tools.

The iPad 2 is now on the market, but if you havent grabbed one you may need to wait a little while. Analysts are predicting iPad 2 shortages due to the tragedy of Japans recent earthquake. Combine that tragedy with Apple experiencing more demand than they initially expected and consumers could be waiting weeks to snag a new iPad 2.

by Kenny Marshall:
Ken Marshall is a internet marketer and former Officer of CPA Site Solutions, one of the nation’s leading edge web companies dedicated exclusively to accounting websites.

Totally free apple ipad Giveaway – Find out Ways to Obtain the Newest Ipad apple Without having Investing Any Income.

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Article by Wilfred Foutz

Scams are just about the most common issues in the online world that make a lot people skeptical in dealing with money matters online. You must admit that the very first time you hear about cost-free iPad giveaways available on the internet, you are surely hesitant to believe right away. Your reaction is just normal considering the prevalence of scams. However, whether you like the idea or not, this offer is legit and a lot of people are already benefiting from this offer. I know you continue to be asking yourself why in the world they would give a 0-worth product at no cost.

Free iPad giveaway is amongst the various promotion methods employed by companies to develop their goods. By providing iPads to prospective those who find themselves mostly likely to patronize like product, the company would be able to solicit valuable opinions and feedbacks regarding their characteristics. Doing so will enable those to improve current models and while doing so gather ideas for new products. Giving a gadget worth 0 to numerous consumers is not that important in comparison to the millions of dollars they must spend just to get similar feedbacks. So how can someone get a whole new iPad without actually paying out anything?

The first thing you should do is to look for a reliable website that has a free iPad giveaway. Websites such as this need you to provide a valid email address contact information and after giving one particular, they will provide anyone with important instructions on what to go about the particular offer. Majority of the companies that provide such offers usually require one to fill out survey forms or make referrals to individuals who might also be interested with their services or products. After completing the research, your free iPad are going to be sent to you without delay. You will be able to escape from waiting at Apple outlets for iPad accessibility plus you need not to shell out 0 from your account.

The next important thing you must know is how to differentiate a scam from your legit offer. If the company that has the free iPad necessitates one to purchase a particular goods and services to be eligible with the offer, no doubt you encountered a scammer! Additionally, if you are called for information such as your own bank account or perhaps your bank card, close the website immediately so as not to risk your current money’s safety and spare yourself from wasting time dealing with scams. For an offer to get legit, it should not require you to purchase anything or ask banking accounts or credit card information.

The free iPad giveaway is probably the components of Apple’s web marketing strategy. By providing free ipad tablet units to actual shoppers, they are able to assemble feedbacks incomparable to another feedback gathering methods. You are only instructed to complete a survey and obtain an iPad for free without delay. This scheme is a win-win solution for the iPad’s manufacturer and the tester. Now, are you willing to evaluate a free iPad?

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Talk about a free ipad

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Article by Julie W. Cockrell

It seems like the whole world is talking about the ipad, (you’d have to live in a cave in the middle of a jungle not to have heard about it). It also seems like the whole world wants one, Apple sold a remarkable 3 million of them within 80 days of the launch in April, but now there’s an even better way to get your hands on an ipad, how does a free ipad sound?
If you fancy the idea of a free ipad then you need to surf the internet and see what you can find. There are some offers available from time to time; it’s just about being in the right place at the right time – like so many other things.
So what is it about the ipad that makes it so popular and desirable? Why does everybody want one? If you read any ipad review you’ll see that the response by the media has, indeed, been a very positive one. The ipad 3g makes it so easy to browse the internet, wherever you are, and the convenient size of the ipad (only 700 grams) means that you really can have the world at your fingertips at anytime.

Add to that all of the fantastic ipad apps which are appearing on the market, pretty soon almost everybody will have one and wonder how they ever managed to function without it. You can get ipad apps to enable you to do just about anything these days, idesks, photogene, and read about the best and the worst of them on one of the many interesting ipad blogs. Stands to reason that some are better than others, doesn’t it?

So why not find out about what everybody is talking about. Surf the internet and find out about how to win a free ipad, you never know what you might find, and whether you get your ipad for free or not, you’ll still find loads of interesting information and ipad reviews about other accessories which are coming on to the market at a remarkable rate.

You can get scratch resistant covers (you don’t want to damage your precious ipad do you, or let it get dirty!) There’s even a fantastic bluetooth keyboard which you can attach your ipad to and turn it into a netbook. Read all about this ipad review and plenty of the other wonderful things on offer at an ipad blog, you might be surprised at the amazing things you can find out.

If you want a free ipad then there might be a way! Just take a look at the ipad blog to find out how you can be in with a chance.

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Things you need to know about Free iPad 3

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Article by Matthew McClifford

The iPad 2 was long anticipated; however, as with everything technological, once there is one release, customers sit and wait with abated breath for its upgrade and that is exactly what happened with the iPad 3. There have been rumors about it for some time now and people have been speculating about the features of the latest and greatest iPad. This iPad is said to be built with cameras, come equipped with chips, and to also have retina displays and also that this iPad has gotten help from unnamed assistants.

What rumors are circulating the iPad 3?

While sources have stated that you can expect the release of the iPad 3 in the second quarter of this year, by the looks of things, this tablet will not be released until early 2012; however, people are still saying that it may just be released in November so we will just need to wait and see. You can never be sure when a new device will be released because there will be rumors popping up all over and there will often be some technological problems as with what happened with the iPad3 where they said that there was a shortage of retina displays that they received from their suppliers, Samsung and LG.

However, while there is some hold up with the release of these iPad, iPad lovers will finally be able to get their iPad with retina display as Apple is in the testing phase of checking out shipments of 9.7 inches display screen with 2048 x 1536 resolutions.

The iPad 3 release date seems to be a mystery all over the world because the story is the same in UK as well. While there seem to be some problems with iPad sticking to their original plans, the iPad 3 is said to be made with some amazing benefits and specs that you can learn about below.

This tablet is built with a dual core processor that is believed to be new and much better than the others. The iPad 3 is said to be built with the Apple’s A6 processor; however, consumers doubt this and they strongly believe that it will be built with the same processor as its predecessor the powerVR SGX543MP2 graphics. It depends however, when the iPad 3 will be released because if it should be released this year, it will more than likely come with the A5 processor and if released at a later date, it may come with a quad-core chip.

If you are an Apple fan, you will no longer have to wait for the iPad 3 release because as you can see, it should be coming out pretty soon and if you are lucky enough and look in the right places, you just might be able to get a free iPad.

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iPad Sale Exceed All Prognosis and You Can Get One for Free

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Article by Michael Rodbort

The tremendous demand for iPad makes this new Apple product leading device on emerging market of Tablet PCs. iPad overtook sales other Apple new products ( MacBook, iPods) and be sold by 200 thousand items per a week. Total sales of the iPad can be really comparing only with surrounded by a real hysteria sale of the iPhone 3G. Additionally, the direct exchange of information between users involves more and more people into buying iPad 3G or iPad Wi-Fi. Analysts report that lots of people in the U.S. want to buy iPad although today it is not a cheap device (about 0) for family budget. Do you want to get iPad for FREE?

There are many online sites where you only have to try one or two simple free trial to get your free iPad. No surveys, no expensive products, just a free item straight from Apple! Maybe you think that you are trapped into new scam, right?

Many people think that the internet is full of scams, but if you think about it… Life is full of scams and con artists, not just the internet. For example, someone can put an ad in the newspaper or pass around a business card or flier and then receive phone calls and scam people all day long. In fact, there are MORE scams OFFLINE then there are ONLINE.

Don’t be tricked by the people telling you that everything on the Internet is a scam and that you cannot catch anything for free! They can be wrong! Find the website, search for a free iPad that is still available in your area by entering your zip code, and then get your free iPad delivered to your door. What is next?

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Tips On The Best Way To Have A Free iPad 3

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Article by John Greene

If you want to believe the insiders, the iPad 3 intends to carry your tablet experience to a completely new level. Apple generally launches an iOS device somewhere around a year following its predecessor, however , various rumors have mentioned we may see a third-generation iPad unveiling someday this season.

Both iPad plus iPad 2 ended up being presented early in the spring and shipped around the end of March. Which places the iPad 3 launching date on track approximately March 2012, except if anything at all goes wrong, and from prior Apple releases, you understand everything’s by no means set in stone. The release of the iPhone 4S this October, after a period of summer iPhone launches, revealed that affairs can in fact go wrong with Apple’s yearly upgrade calendar.

iOS 5.5: The iPad 3 should have a new revised edition of the present iOS 5 operating system.

Screen: Rumours here and there have got Apple’s incapacity to get the iPad 3 up to retina picture quality as the reason why the product hasn’t arrived yet as of late 2011. Regardless of whether it can be achieved by March 2012 is anyone’s guess. The brand new MacBooks which were produced this year included the Thunderbolt interface which helps assist data transfer at an remarkable rate. Additionally, given the fact that Apple does not seem to be interested in the Universal serial bus port any more, you might just see a Thunderbolt interface among the new Ipad 3 options.

Probably the most eagerly anticipated Apple ipad 3 features stands out as the retina display screen. It was highly awaited once the Ipad 2 was ready to be introduced, but much to the user’s discouragement, it wasn’t unveiled in that release. Thus, it is highly likely that one of the brand new iPad 3 specifications will be the inclusion of the retina display screen.

On the list of unsatisfactory areas of the Apple Ipad 2 had been its digital camera and it is anticipated that this new iPad 3 will probably feature a greater camera and it is anticipated to include a flash for all those darker occasions.

Additional features: The iPad 2 designated the debut of the dual core A5 processor, which has since additionally found its way directly into the iPhone 4S. The prior year, the iPad 1 marked the debut associated with the A4 processor chip. The safe-ish guess has got the quad core A6 debuting inside the iPad 3, presenting the newest tablet a level of computing speed that will ultimately begin to rival the horse power located in desktop and laptop computers, taking the late Steve Jobs’ perspective of tablets eclipsing home computers one step closer to reality.

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How To Get A Free iPad 3

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Article by Glenn Drake

It can be very difficult in these difficult economic times to come up with approximate 0 that you will need to purchase a new iPad 3 whenever they are made available. However, you can get a free iPad 3 in at least four different ways. They can be had for free by taking advantage of referring your friends to complete one of many offers, by becoming a tester, by taking a survey, and/or by winning one in a drawing that Apple sponsors.

The Apple iPad 3 is the latest in a long line of tablet computers that are manufactured by Apple. The rumors abound with what their new capabilities and functions will be. Although they were originally scheduled to be launched in November of this year, apparently they are having problems getting their cameras from their suppliers, Samsung and LG, and the latest release date isn’t until sometime during the middle of 2012. However, if you obtain a free iPad 3, you won’t have to wait. It is believed that Apple endorses these giveaways as a method of marketing their new products. Therefore, you can save your 0 because here is how to get a free iPad 3.

You can begin by signing up at Freebie Jeebies. All you have to do to get a free iPad 3 is to refer your friends to complete one of the many offers and complete one yourself. You can get only between 20 and 30 friends to complete an offer and you can get a new iPad 3 in your favorite color. You can still get a new iPad 3 by the time it is released if you have sufficient referrals even if you can only have a few friends each month to sign up. The sooner you begin, the sooner you can get your free iPad3.

For more information, look at the page labeled how it works. Should you have any additional questions with regards to how it works, they will be glad to answer them so don’t hesitate to contact them. In addition, they are also willing to provide you with advice and help about how to complete the steps to get a free iPhone.

One of the easiest ways to get a free iPad 3 is by becoming an iPad 3 tester. Apple actually uses these testers to provide feedback to their technical people in an effort to head off any problems that the typical consumer might have with a new product. You can contact any Apple representative for additional detail about how the program works. There are numerous useful and interesting free trial offers that you can take advantage of to test the iPad 3.

You can also get a free iPad 3 by submitting your contact information and valid email address so that you can complete a basic survey on the Internet. This will only take you a few minutes to complete the survey. They use these surveys to determine the climate of the marketplace.

There are numerous drawings that give away free iPad 3 tablet computers that are authorized by some Apple dealers on the Internet. You can search the internet to find websites that have an Apple storefront by looking on Google, Kijiji, and Craigslist. You can enter these drawings as many times as you ant and obviously, the more time you enter the better your chances of winning a free iPad 3. They will notify you if you win by email.

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