Reasons Why Broadband Speed Tests And Price Comparisons Are Advised

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Reasons Why Broadband Speed Tests And Price Comparisons Are Advised

If you feel your internet connection is not working to its optimum level and would like to find out if it is sluggish due to something you are doing, a check of your broadband speed is recommended. These free tools that can be found with a simple search on Google or any other search engine can quickly show you how fast your connection is in comparison with the speed you believe you should be receiving.


Various things can affect the speed of your broadband, such as the number of applications you have open that utilise your web connection, the amount of data present on the websites you frequent and the time of day that you do most of your browsing or other online activity. To get an accurate reading of your connection speed, run a speed test as various times throughout a single day. If the speed is noticeably slower between 5pm and 7pm, this is due to the amount of other people that are also online in your local area. Early evening is considered a ‘peak’ time for internet use by most broadband providers and therefore a slightly slower speed should be expected. If you run the speed test late at night or during standard working hours and find that the speed is still significantly lower than you believe it should be, you may want to consider switching to a package or provider that entitles you to a faster broadband speed.


To find a more suitable deal or provider, you should visit an independent price comparison site. By simply entering your postcode it is possible to find out what broadband packages are available in your local area and how fast the maximum speed each one will entitle you to.

Obviously the faster the connection, the higher the monthly cost will be to receive the service. Extra features on these comparison sites include reviews provided by customers already using each service, simple guides to help explain technical terms and confusing industry jargon and FAQ sections that aim to demystify everything about broadband and what it entails. By taking some time to read reviews, find the answers to any questions you might have and look through all the available offers in your area, you should be able to find a great deal that boasts a faster connection speed and a reasonable cost each month.


Speak to friends and find out who their broadband provider is. If they are happy with the speed they receive, perform a speed test on their computer, jot down the results and the name of the provider and package they are on, then investigate if it would be a viable option for you. With time and patience, you should be able to improve your connection speed with little fuss.

If you want to run a broadband speed test  but feel you should brush up on your knowledge of broadband products, visit Broadband Speed Tester. Featuring the latest news on broadband speeds , as well as guides and advice, finding out about broadband has never been easier.

iPad Jailbreak, some good reasons to do it!

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Article by Timothy Ellis

iPad Jailbreak, there are some good reason to do this, one of the main reasons is a standard iPad does not provide unlimited functionality as a jailbroken iPad. What does Jailbreak mean, what does ?untethered? mean? In this article I will attempt to explain some good reason to jailbreak your iPad, and also give you definitions to some of these terms.

First of all the iPad is an amazing device and once you jailbreak it you will really see what the iPad can do. A jailbroken iPad basically means a hack that helps you install any third-party programs you like. In other words, you can gain access to thousands of illegal jailbroken apps, also games and programs that are often free to download and can be installed on only jailbroken iPads or iPhones.

So what does ?untethered jailbreak? mean? An “untethered” jailbreak means you don’t have to plug in your device to your pc every time your reboot it, an issue that former hacks were harassed with.

Before I go any further I want to pay tribute to the original hacker, Geohot, a famous hacker who was the first one to jailbreak the iPhone, and who we are all indebted to for life! Also before I describe some good reasons to jailbreak your iPad , I need to tell you one of the downfalls, there are some bad jailbreaking softwares out there that can damage or even void your warrantee, but don?t be alarm, I have a great company that I will introduce you to later that will put your mind at ease, and grant you unlimited possibilities for your iPad.

I know a lot of iPadders believe jailbreaking maybe be too difficult and might be above their technical grasp, but trust me, with the right software a newbie will accomplish this task with ease. And since the iPad uses the same operating system as the iPhone it means that jailbreaking the iPad is even easier. As I said before, one of the best reasons to jailbreak your iPad, is to be able to install and run any applications without limitations. Also a jailbroken iPad will allow you to change its looks, and customize various settings. You will be able to download apps that allow you to customize everything on the device from your homescreen images to your icons.

When you jailbreak the iPad you will have access to the best jailbroken apps like these..

MyWi: This remarkable app allows you to turn your iPhone or iPad into a WiFi hotspot. Better than tethering, it allows you to connect multiple devices and share your iPad 3G?s internet connection.

Backgrounder: Backgrounder says what it does; it allows you to run programs in the background! It adds multitasking to your iPhone or iPad. It displays a cool little badge on the App icon to show you which apps are running in the background.

SNES4iPhone: This jailbroken app is for your hardcore gamers out there. The SNES4iPhone Runs SNES games on your iPhone or iPad for hours of untamed fun.

Once your iPad is jailbroken, you may visit differen?t stores like Cydia (the best) to shop for the best apps that fit your desired needs.

When it comes to the Best jailbreak softwares for your iPad, there is only one. iJailBreakTool is the software I used when I first purchase my iPad, and without a doubt there is none like it.
This is what you receive when you use this software.

? Free 24 hour Technical Support!
? No monthly or “Pay per Download” fees!
? Install an application that Apple hasn’t explicitly approved!
? Use an application over 3G that’s been designated for Wi-Fi!
? Run applications in the background!
? Change your device theme or customize your icons!
? Install system-wide gestures!
? Download YouTube videos!
? Play tons of games!

If you just got your iPad for Christmas, and you haven?t jailbroken it yet, you?re basically just holding a glorified e-reader. For those iPadders who are afraid to void their warranty don’t worry, you can always restore it back to its factory settings with iJailbreakTool. There are a lot of good reasons to jailbreak your iPad, but the main reason is to introduce you and your iPad to unlimited possibilities that jailbreaking can provide.

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Tim Ellis is an Internet Marketer, and iPad fanatic what else is there? If you would like more information about the ipad or jailbreaking software for your iPad please visit

10 reasons why you should buy the iPad

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Article by Kelly

In recent years, Apple has stunned users and flustered the technology world with one sensational masterpiece after another.  First it was the iPod, then the iPhone, and then the iPod Touch.  Will Apple once again captivate the attention of the American public with its newest device?  The revolutionary 1/2 inch thick iPad with its 10-inch crystal-clear display has the potential to transform technology and enhance the entertainment world.

Here are the top 10 questions about Apple’s latest gizmo:

*1-  What is the iPad?
The iPad is basically an big iPhone with new and improved features.  The main upgrade on the iPad is its terrific 9.7 inch high resolution screen.  Movies, TV shows, pictures and video podcasts all look great on the terrific HD display.  Small, pocket-size iPod displays are convenient, but watching movies on a tiny screen can be extremely frustrating.

* 2-  Why do I want an iPad?
 Apple’s iPad home page gives the #1 reason, “All of the built in apps on the iPad were designed from the ground up to take advantage of the large Multi-Touch screen and advanced capabilities of iPad.  And they work in any orientation.  So you can do things with these apps that you can’t do on any other device.”
Also, if you’re used to viewing movies, TV shows and photos on an iPod, iPod Touch or iPhone, the crystal-clear iPad screen will knock your socks off.  It’s a convenient, spotless, high-definition display; a major upgrade over any iPod.  Other tablets on the market have great features too, but the top-notch apps built for the iPad set this device apart.  It can also run most of the 150,000+ apps that work on the iPhone, giving users additional options.

*3-  What is the iPad keyboard like?
If you like the sensitive touch screen of the Apple iPod Touch, you’ll be well prepared for the iPad.  There are two main distinctions between the iPad and the iPod Touch.  First, the iPad’s 10 inch screen is substantially bigger than its miniature counterpart.  Second, there is no up or down, no right or wrong way to hold it.  Whichever way you hold the device, the screen flips to fit your orientation.

*4-  Is the iPad a phone?
Skype, Vonage and other websites provide a phone service over the internet on the iPad 3G version.  However, the iPad was not designed to be used as a phone.  That’s one big disadvantage to this sensational device.

*5-  What are the downsides of the iPad?
It may be the hot device on the tech market right now, but critics argue that it’s completely unnecessary for most potential users.  A laptop computer is far more complete, providing the same services- internet, music, mail, photos, movies, and ebooks- that the iPad has. Most computers also include a camera, Windows software capabilities, and other common services.  iPad lacks these important features.

*6-  How much does it cost?
When it’s released on April 3, the Wi-Fi only iPad will start at 9 for a 16GB device.  If you want the 3G feature too, 16GB will cost 9.  Double the storage size for 0 extra.

*7-  Should I buy one right now?
If you’re sold out on the iPad, purchasing one now is not the best choice.  If at all possible, wait at least a year.  Apple improves their products, fixes tech wrinkles, and lowers the price with time.  Wait a year and you’ll receive a better product for less money.

*8- Is the iPad a better buy than the Amazon Kindle?
Definitely.  The Kindle is a great tablet, but Apple products are cooler, more efficient, last longer, and have more features.   However, if you’re totally into ebooks, the Kindle is for you.  It’s a little cheaper, and designed specifically for purchasing and reading books right from the Kindle.  Apple’s iPad doesn’t have the same focus on ebooks.

*9-  Can I use YouTube on the iPad?
Another great upside to the iPad is great access to YouTube with the top-notch app.  It’s easy to find videos and fun to watch them on the iPad’s crystal-clear screen.  Download the app in the App Store.

*10-  Will it replace my laptop?
The iPad is a fun gizmo with sensational features, but it doesn’t compare with any computer.  A laptop is far more complete, providing the same services- internet, music, mail, photos, movies, and ebooks- that the iPad has.  In addition, most computers include a camera, Windows software capabilities, and other common services.  Don’t even think about replacing your laptop with iPad. 

The iPad is a hot device on the tech market right now, and it gives users some cool features.  However, it’s not vital to your collection of gadgets.  But if you do have the money and desire, you can enjoy the convenience of HD TV, portable movies and entertainment on the large screen of the iPad when it hits shelves on April 3, 2010.

Jordan Green is one of the writer on Helium. The article shares her opinion and thoughts about the iPad. If you want to purchase iPad screen protector or other iPad accessories, you can click on the links.

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Guide how to buy and choose the best iPad case and iPad screen protector

Reasons Why Buying a Used iPad Is a Nice Christmas Gift

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Article by Epifania Evans

The Ipad tablet and the Ipad 2 with 3G are one of the greatest ever coveted products to purchase. The ipad has proved to become one of the quickest promoting electrical items of all time, and it’s believed to be a groundbreaking technological apparatus ordinarily known as the tablet pc, that will take human beings towards the next degree of sociable connections and web searching.

Whether you are thinking of buying a new or secondhand iPad, there is no doubt about this that the Apple iPad has increased in attraction more than the previous two many years. The iPad’s revenue reached one million two times as fast as its sibling item the iPhone did, and also at a glimpse, the Apple iPad really would appear to possess everything.

Even when only a few of those fantastic features have a little attraction, you’ll most likely already have thought about locating any good iPad or iPad 2. Seeing as the first ipad was launched in early the year 2010, the fantastic factor about buying an iPad is the fact that each of the designs haven’t been on the market to get a extremely lengthy time, even though when it comes to the recurrently changing electronic market, many people may consider it a diamond compared to much more recent technology!

The iPad 3G has so many advantages more than the regular laptop and there’s a continuing conflict as to whether the iPad 3G is a great option to a laptop pc computer. The iPad is a extraordinary tablet for each professional and entertainment reasons, but is generally greatest utilized for thoughtful and personal usage.

With superb features such as Facetime visual phone calls, you are able to speak to family members and friends, no matter exactly where they’re within the globe – and this is just one highlight! Numerous businesses could certainly advantage from what the iPad has to provide, and with its 32 Gb of hard drive area, they are able to even be easily taken from one single location towards the subsequent with any workers that might need to go to different meetings during the day.

So if you have made the decision where the iPad or even iPad 2 is what you want, the next matter to find out is whether it’s really worth the money. The iPad is definitely an ever improving technology and with your liberty to down load different apps on to the tablet pc that are relevant to our requirements and lifestyle, you need to have everything you need within a few touches of the display.

Obviously, iPads may be costly due to the unique hold they now have on the technological market, so why not buy used iPads? If you are purchasing a secondhand iPad, many people are usually a little afraid regarding whether a warranty is still in force, whether it nonetheless functions, and above all, whether they are getting the very best value for money. As with every second hand items, Apple iPads may have to go through a particular amount of inspections, experiments and refurbishment to ensure they’re of a great functioning state prior to they are sold to you. Don’t be happy with second best – ask the provider questions if you’re uncertain as to where they have originate from.

Purchasing the very first issued Apple iPad as a second hand form can conserve you a lot cash and it’s a great way for a seller to obtain money to pay for his or her next ipad. Used iPads for sale are usually distributed in a great order and are frequently being sold simply because the previous buyer desires a newer version. So do not be afraid – begin looking into purchasing a used iPad today prepared for Christmas day; whomever you gift it to will definately love the technology that’s at their fingertips and you will adore just how much cash you’ve kept too!

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We hope you’ll find this rewarding while shopping for the most beneficial iPads for sale either for your own behalf or just another person as a present during Xmas days. And then there are a wide range of used iPhones at cheaper prices and is perfect if you’re on a tight budget.