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At present, the device of tablet PCs has developed into the focus which magnates fight and step into the best era.

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Tens of thousands of hardware manufacturer, software developer, and content supplier join this market. then the user gain the as far as possible options; but in the meantime also staying at the worst era. The magnates of industry all fight each other for the operation system of tablets and push the new market into the Warring States Period.

The rise sharply of apple: iosThe ipad make the conception of tablets appears in the world. It continue use the iphone’s ,inpodtouch’s operation system iphone OS(now rename ios official )— as a kind of operationsystem which plan to use for mobile device in the earlier period of time.

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iphone do away withkeyboard and connector of external device, strengthen the net connector, at the same times devote themselves to the content’s obtain and reading. Express another meaning of tablets for us.

The independent of Google: from Android to Chrome, OSThe Android appear make Google begin know have to own the right to speak belong with themselves. No matter is the Smartphone or Android tablets PC, Android have became enemy of ios. Though Android still exist the distance in the user experiment compare with ios. But Google firmly believe that make up for lack of natural talent by hard work, and gradually improvement. Free, open and with sufficient resource for develop Android and Android Market which as second in the area gradually develop into can’t be ignored power.

But development depend on internetwork of Google, it eventual dream is Chrome OS rather than Android which worth of exist work restrictive function for enemy. Chrome OS absolutely meet requirement of fashion conception. Discard locality application and store, working net application such as Google Docs, and so on. All data would been stored up in web server terminal.

Microsoft’s thought: win, 7 or win, CEAs the inaugurator of tablet PC, Microsoft temporary only depend on Windows 7 tablet PC make a stand against opponent. In fact, win 7 haven’t made ready move to tablet PC, some preparatory device have published, but user expect the battery technology would be improved.

Moreover, Courier tablet PC device treated as most outstanding products Microsoft issue in recent years. Even though face the various finished-products still present a new appearance to us. Operation change use win CE won more strengthen Customizability.

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